Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am knitting once again

  • Yarn-Mmmmmalibrigo, in Dusty Olive
  • Needles-US#7/4.5mm
  • Pattern-modified lace-up fingerless gloves, from AlterKnits
  • Finished-almost there

  • Yarn-Manos #'s 36 & 68
  • Needles-Us#8/5mm
  • Pattern-Directly from AlterKnits
  • Finished-Sept 05

I LOVE my fancy lace-up mitts, but the laces make them hard to wear under coats, at work, or anything that requires me to use my hands. I really wanted a pair to wear for everyday use. I guess that I have freakishly small wrists because any glove that try one, store bought or handmade just swims around my wrists, no warmth there. So I played around with the numbers, knit the entire thing in the round. And am super dooper very happy with the results. I may make a few more of these for myself. My hands are always cold, and with all of the injuries to my upper extremities, warmer is always better.
Of course I started a whole new project, rather than finishing up one of the five that I already had going!

And now for the gratuitous yarn shots...

Malibrigo in Lime Blue
No plans, just had to have it!

Blue Sky Cotton, Cumin #605, Graphite #625, Pumpkin #622, Azul #628
It's going to be a baby blankie

Joseph Galler-Peruvian Tweed, in #113
Any ideas? It's 100% superfine alpaca, 600 yards

Louisa Harding-Kimono Angora, #5
No plans yet, it was given to me.

Prism's Kid Slique in Woodlands
This will be a fancy scarf/cravat type thingy. I have deep lust for this yarn, the colors are beyond perfect. I knit the shop sample of this yarn last year.

Plymouth Baby Alpaca #2160
This is going to my secret pal, she has a thing for alpacas.


  1. Mmmmm - thanks for the yarn p*rn. ;)

  2. Dang. That's some good p*rn! I love those lace up gloves too! Very sassy!

  3. I feel like Homer Simpson on doughnuts! Wheew... that was great, I need a smoke.. ;-)

  4. i am gonna give you oscar to hold, let you be seduced by his adorableness, take all your yarn, and then run out the door with oscar....
    i just looked at your profile...i love Confederacy of Dunces so much I was gonna name Oscar Ignatius as a middle name..but I love the book so much I intentionally forget it so I can read it again..and I think The I.P. R. is not so happy so maybe it is better I didnt name him that...
    sorry if this is delirious writing...i am full and sleepy
    Knit soon!!!

  5. The first picture really warms my old hitch-hiker's heart:-)

  6. Drooool. Everything is gorgeous, and the prism is just so *tammy* I'm doing my first pair of the alterknits arm warmers is that orchid have great taste lady. <3

  7. mmmmmm.... Malabrigo.

    (wipes drool from chin)

    Thank you!

  8. K your just the best of the best of the best! Now tell me how the frewl do you not itch to death with anything but Malibrigo or Koigu? Nice seein ya on here dolly!

  9. My friend made those gauntlets and felted them. She also said they came out too big, so you're not alone. You can see a photo of them here:

    She used Noro with angora in it - they are so nice and soft. And she made a matching head scarf.