Thursday, August 31, 2006

SHORT and SWEET, the LONG of it...

This photo makes my teeth hurt -it's so dang SWEET!

My new do. SHORT and sassy!

It won't be this straight again. At least not until someone else blow dries it that way. It will be wavy, but with cute little bangs.

Like my LONG cozy gloves made from Classic Elite's Bazic Wool?

I cannot get enough of these. Because of my gimpy hands and arms, I need to keep my upper extremities warm and toasty. Naturally I need many pairs to match each and every look that I sport on a day to day. Pattern: mine, adapted from Leigh Radford's Lace-Up fingerless gloves. The Bazic Wool is a superwash, 100% wool. It is dreamy to work with. I will definitely use it again.


  1. Your hair looks great! I love those short little fringy bangs but I have finally come to accept that I look utterly rediculous like that and must admire them from afar on other people. Your glasses are awesome too.. I've been shopping for some new frames but can't seem to find anything I like.

  2. Love the gloves, and it is starting to feel a little like Fall here... Cute "angry" bags!

  3. I love the gloves and those stripes are so cute! But not as cute as your new hair do! Wavy with little bangs will be so darling!

  4. Your hair looks great as always!! And the warmers are darling! I love maing them for out here!

  5. Cute overload! Hope things are swell.

  6. I just have to say that from now on you're my idol. Knitting couldn't be more nerd-ish or tabu-ish here in Sweden. But I've allways done it as long as I can remember, and even though I'm just 18 I feel happy to know that there's some other people doing it and not just really old people. So let's "keep on keep it on". Thanks for making my day.