Tuesday, January 9, 2007

It's A Sock Thing...

I think that I have a better handle on my time. That is, I think that I can manage school, work, my social life and still blog more than once in a blue moon. I really miss being active in the blogging world.
Rosco is the official House sock knitting snooper-visor.

Do these look at all familiar? They are longer than when you saw them last. Somewhere around a year ago I taught myself the magic loop technique & started these socks. Life happened and i put them aside after about two inches of sock. I had forgotten ALL about them until I stumbled upon them last week. Yes, I have officially become that kind of knitter... I have so many projects that I actually loose track & forget about some.
Sexy Koigu cable socks.

The sock bug has bitten me once again. I have been working on the black Regia socks that I started a year ago, AND now I have started a new magic loop-two-at-once-toe up pair out of some yummy ochre Koigu. The pattern is Badacaul from My Fashionable Life. Dig those mini cables, they really pop in that CA-raz-ee Koigu! I think the sock bug is going to stick hard this time. The sock monkey has moved in onto my back. Well... not THE sock monkey, a sock monkey... nevermind. Also, I am looking for more patterns written for toe up magic loop socks. I know that it's fairly easy to convert any sock pattern to magic loop, it's the toe-up part that I am not so certain how to convert.
Before felting... flopp-a-doodle.

YES, more hats. Are you sick of seeing hats here? This one was a xmas gift for my pal Kate. The yellow (frank ochre) and blue (bobby blue) is malabrigo, the brown is lambs pride in bronze patina.

After Felt

Soooo... this bag- ugh. I wanted to make a bag big enough to haul my school stuff around plus a knitting project. I knit this one up out of lambs pride bulky. I made the pattern up, the shape is great, I am happy enough with that. And I am really happy with the way the handles came out, very sturdy. But the stripes, colors... YUCKO! Don't know what I am going to do with it. I actually liked it better BEFORE I felted it. I will snap a post felt photo to share.

An Elmer Fudd hat for me out of malabrigo in color Pearl Ten. I just need to felt it. It's been so ridiculously cold that the last thing i want to do is touch cold wet wool to shape the darn thing. BUT, it's so damned cold that I really need to finish this hat. Those earflaps are so warm!

AND.... more sock yarn. LOVE these groovy colors!


  1. The blogging world is happy to have you back! I gotta learn that magic loop thing...looks like the way to go for socks. Your hats always make me smile. :)

  2. those socks, I love the stripes!
    and that hat, did you say before that you made up the pattern (the flip one)
    It has been balls out cold here in Reno, need some more hats to keep this girl stylishly warm.
    Glad to see you out here girly.
    Happy 07~

  3. Hey you - I followed the link off Xtina's blog and then - weird collison of internet and real world.

    I love your socks. I love your felty goodness. Back girl, back! Follow the link to the dumb blogger 'dashboard' and see my latest baby - does the world really need another knitting blog?

  4. sooo glad to see you again! Been missin that rawk! I actually really like the colors in the stripy bag... I really wanna learn the 2 at a time toe up sock trick... terrible second sock syndrome goin on here!

  5. I was going to take the magic loop class at The Shop in Oakland but I will be out of town for 3 weeks. So I am teaching myself. I love the socks that you have started!


  6. Tammy!
    If we have time we are going to stop by the yarn shop, maybe you are working tonight?
    It would be awesome if you were.

  7. wow i really like the striping on that yarn! can you tell me what kind of yarn that is (regia?), and what colorway? thanks so much! :)