Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After not touching my Rusted Root for nealry two weeks... we were reunited last night... and yes, it felt sooo good! Sooo... it is coming along nicley. The chest fits, the waist shaping is looking good... I am just not sure if those sleeves are going to be too darned pouffy. In the above photo one sleeve is ready for bind off, the other still awaits decreasing. Although red has not really been "my color" for quite some time... I am really digging this red.

Other news... The Little Lace cuff class (a knit-one-one class) was a success... if I do say so myself. It was a full house, eight brilliant students, bursting full of creativity. I just love watching people realize the simple but powerful "secret" of magic loop. When we say it will change your life... we truly mean it. And as always the lovely Sile was on hand to pamper and oversee the comfort of everyone involved. I just have to mention the unbelievably delicious strawberries that were dished up this time around. WOW... berry-tastic. The photo above is of all my students and their finished cuffs, or nearly finished. I was really impressed with every one's color combos, and that is saying a lot for Miss PrP.
Great Job Lace Cuff Class of '07!!


  1. it looks great! stop worrying about the sleeves you silly goose- ok back to necrotizing fasciitis!

  2. Love the color and design. I'm switching to magic loop now that I've got two down pat. Bet your students had a ball. Way to go.

  3. Like that color for the RR! I'm a bit jealous of your sleeve pouf - mine barely had any pouf at all...

  4. Your sleeve pouf (I guess it does need a 'u') is amazing and you look gorgeous in it!

  5. Your sweater is adorable!!!!

    I miss you lots!

  6. Gotta love the sleeve poufs! And the rusted root looks very sassy on you! Can't wait to see the final product!

    Smooches my dear and hope you are taking a bit of time for yourself to relax. No burnout for you, sweetheart!

    - Leslie at goodcrafternoon.com