Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mitts with Moxie!!!

Hurry! While there is still time left you should rush over to the knit one one site and sign up for my Mitts with Moxie class. It is two class sessions beginning this Thursday evening. We will make all kinds of Fingerless Mitts... long, short, stripey, solid, even cabled if you like. These mitts are so popular. When you wear them your friends will go nuts. They are a fairly quick knit... making them great for gifts... and the holidays are coming.
Why do I love wearing fingerless mitts?
  • Obviously... They look wayyy COOL!
  • They keep my hands warm, while looking wayyy COOL!
  • While keeping my hands warm and looking wayyy COOL... I can still
  1. type
  2. scratch the cats behind the ears
  3. open a package of cookies
  4. turn pages in a magazine
  5. poke people in the nose
  6. put on my make-up
  7. KNIT (cannot believe that wasn't #1)
  8. drive safely
  9. eat a bagel
  10. paint my fingernails
  11. put in my contact lenses
  12. pick my nose (if I wanted to)
  13. dial an old school rotary telephone
  14. floss my teeth
  15. get finger printed
  16. smoke (ewww gross! I DO NOT smoke! but I COULD while wearing fingerless mitts.)

The best part is that we will make them using the Magic Loop technique. Now let me start by saying that I do like double points. I have no struggles with them,no fear of them, no beef with the multi sticks whatsoever... BUT, and yes, I do have a big but here... Magic Loop is such a time saver. I find that it is much quicker, the whole ladder issue is avoided altogether, it is easier to try things on while you are knitting them. Use Magic Loop to knit socks, gloves, baby hats, cool cuffs, toys, etc.
See you in class!

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  1. Actually when you get finger-printed they do your whole hand. But you could still do that thumb thing at the bank. Your mitts are rad.