Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Got Class...

Yesterday I taught the "Leafy Lace Scarf" class at knit one one. It was a full house, and super fun. As usual it was a great mix of people; school teachers, tax specialists, swim coaches, structural engineers for the Bay Bridge, new moms, retired moms... And as you can tell from the photo above, we had some gorgeous Leafy Lace Scarves... Joan used an amazing variegated green bamboo that is going to make a breath taking light weight spring time scarf. And Kimberly used my all time fave fiber... yup, she used a sport weight alpaca in a lovely mauve-y color. They were all gorgeous, and I was very proud of every one's progress. Learning how to do yo's, psso's, k3togs, SK2P's and all that good stuff amongst a large group of chatty people... not the easiest task.

Next Class... Felted Slippers!! Let me correct that... The BEST Felted Slippers ever! Knit extra giant and then felted down to fit, these slippers are heaven for your hoofs! They are knit with two separate soles for double the cushiony goodness. I have worn the same pair every single day for two years!! When they start getting a little ratty or stretched out... just pop them back into the washer, and they are good as new!
The beauty of this class is that you will get two fabulous instructors for the price of one. The lovely and super talented Carrie will be by my side to demystify the mysteries of short row shaping, three needle binding off... and quite certainly more.

And then the next class after that is Ooooh La La... Berets. Just look at that bevy of beautiful berets! Keep an eye out on the knit one one class schedule for the beret class. The dates are February 16th and 23rd, two Saturdays, at 1 P.M. Save the dates!

And now I will present one finished Purple Tweed Tudora! The pattern was super easy, and super quick. Cabling without a cable needle was fun. But I must say that I was not pleased with the fit. I don't think that I have a short stubby neck, but it is just too tall and curls inward at the back of my neck. Also, the bind off edge is a little too tight. It was fun to make... I will make another and experiment with the sizing and bind off looser.


  1. Hey Girlie!

    Glad to see you are doing well and I'm totally signing up for your Beret class at Knit One One! I've been itching for a good beret for awhile that isn't scratchy, so this is perfect!

    Hope all is well and let's chat soon!

    - Leslie from

  2. Hey there!
    I was in Article Pract last night with my son, Jack. I saw your knuckles and said 'Hey, I've visited your blog!' Ring a bell? Probably not but I just wanted to pop over and say hello. Also, thanks for the help in needle suggestion and for being so cool with my kid.
    I'm going to go check out the classes that you teach!
    I'll see you soon!

  3. Those slippers rock my world!!! I am gonna make me some!! thanks heeaps!!!

  4. Hmmm- thats if I can figure out how to make them? lol. Do classes in NZ?? no? sweetas.

  5. Hello! I love your blog and all of your crafts. One Question - Where did you get your pattern for the Lacy Leaf Scarf? I totally want to make one.