Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gimme A Hand...

It's been freezing cold lately. I gave away the fingerless mitts that wore on a daily basis. I was out of town, visiting friends & one of the gals really liked them, and they looked great on her... and well, it just seemed like she should have them. Mind you, when i forked them over I was in SoCal & the weather was much warmer. So I am back on the glove kick again. This time I am doing them in sock weight yarn. And this particular pair, to replace my mitts, are going to be real fingerless gloves...

You see, there is a difference between a glove and a mitten. I hear people refer to fingerless gloves all of the time, but when I look, it's not at all glove on their hot little hand. Gloves have 5 separate tubes for each finger/thumb. Mittens on the other hand... HAHAHA "on the other HAND!!" Anyway. Mittens have 2 separate tubes, one for your thumb, and one large one for the other four piggies. (can fingers be piggies? or is the term piggies just for toes?)

So my point is that when someone says fingerless gloves... there should be 5 separate tubes for the fingers/thumb, with the tips open of course. Otherwise they are talking about fingerless mitts. Or maybe all mittens are fingerless because they don't have tubes for your fingers... hmmm...

Yarn is Claudias Handpaints Fingering (HA! fingering.. glove... ok, I am done) in colourway "Eat Your Veggies"
Needle is Addi #1/2.5mm
Pattern, I am making it up.


  1. I agree.. they're fingerless mitts. I usually say "arm warmers" just to stop my brain from having a similar conversation that sounded like your post.. lol. They're very pretty knitted arm-thingies.. regardless.

  2. You punny, punny lady. Are you going to break out the shorty dpns for the fingers? Hard! Core!

  3. "colourway" ? what are we british now?

  4. I agree that mittens and gloves are seperate animals altogether, but I always imagine mittens to have the stupid tube over the fingers (hello can't grab anything!). Which is why I prefer the term mittlets...half the necessity of a mitten but whole-lota-cuter.
    Lovely pattern though. And I agree that it's rather chilly lately. Mmm more mittlets.

  5. Saw you on Flickr and thought I'd check out your blog. I love these fingerless mittens. (Mitts sounds too baseball-ey).
    I love to see knitters who are punk rock!!

  6. I love your blog LMAO heheheh I was just wondering if you finished them yet and if so why there's no shots on flickr? ;) I'm trying to find a pattern for fingerless mitts that's easy. I've done a couple of socks so far and a bunch of scarves but I suck as a knitter so far I'm much more of a spinner. Did you happen to write any pattern down for these I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. :D

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Punk Rawk Purl!!! I only now read it on HizKnits' blog! ;)


  8. I love the colorway very nice.Hugs Darcy