Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bush Removal Headquarters [the local wax shop]

This morning I had an eyebrow maintenance appointment...

I have been going to Matser Waxing Studio for at least five years. The owner, Tashana Master is a *mastermind* when it comes to the artistry of hair removal. Her eye for detail and balance is right on... my brows are always perfect when i leave. I have others "parts" waxed by her as well... She makes it as painless as possible. She has such a great sense of humor, and every appointment is sure to be a giggle fest. She also ALWAYS has great window displays... always bright, colorful, and lively.

So back to this morning... as I was driving to the shop I noticed that there was a new window display.... all red white and blue... how cool... she was showing her support of the inauguration with her windows... then i read the sign "Bush Removal Headquarters"... how cute... she is showing her specific glee for the departure of former President Bush... as I continued to steer into the u-turn to park.... i GOT IT!

Waxing studio.... bush.... bush removal headquarters... this was Tashana at her genius best!!!

Thanks for the lack of bush and the witty humor my darling!

btw.... she is offering 20% off on bikini waxes for new clients... not sure how long this deal is on... so call to check the details. I believe you can see the phone # in the photo.

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  1. Thanks for the referral! I've got my yearly trip to Oakland coming up in a week, so I'll make an appt!