Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's starting to look a lot like... a Technicolor Xmas!

Never having been a traditional gal in any sense of the word I have long adored Xmas decor in bright funky colors.   

I bring you the PuNk rAwK pUrL Winter Wonderland Holiday Cards: Brightly colored paper trees are festooned with colorful stitchy Garland & topped off with a shiny metallic star.  The first batch of cards have just landed in the shop. & will also be available at my upcoming craft sale appearances. (details to come)

Special Holiday Pricing:

$6 each ★ $10 for 2 ★ $15 for 3
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If you would like a larger quantity, just contact me for pricing.

Forever a Lover of the aqua & chocolate (chaqua-late?) combo I have whipped up a forest in that combo. 

  & my current color combo crush... HOT Pink, Orange, & Golden Mustard. (I even snuck teal into a few of these).    

 There is just something about a Springy Green coupled with Happy Orange & a dash o' Chocolate Brown that makes me miss my mother's Tupperware laden kitchen! 


  1. My kitchen is still laden with 'some' of the old Tupperware colors, lol. Am I your mother?

  2. I have a weakness for hot pink and orange. Such cool cards, Lady!