Friday, December 24, 2010

To: Me, From: Me "Merry Xmas Tammy"

Isn't it lovely how well it suits my favorite winter cap?

My Xmas Gift to myself was this irresistible custom made cowl from My Girl Thursday

I met Thursday on Twitter.  I have no memory of how we came to be Twitter pals. But I do recall the very moment in time that I saw a scarf made from the above fabric in her Etsy shop. (Which is now closed for vacation. But be sure to sign up to be notified when she reopens in January)  

I recall thinking... "I knit, why in the hell would i buy a scarf made out of fabric".  But I couldn't stop stalking this scarf.  Then I remembered that i don't even like wearing long knit scarves. I am a cowl or triangular scarf type of gal.  I thought I had finally reasoned myself into NOT buying that scarf.

I begin tweeting a lot w/ @mygirlthursday & found her to be not only super friendly, but hilarious as well. That damned scarf in her shop kept haunting me. So I marched out on a limb & sent my new Twitter pal an Etsy convo.  Perhaps she'd have some of that dreamy vintage fabric left. And perhaps she'd be willing to make me cowl from it.  Of course she was a doll & asked me what details I'd like.  I was obnoxiously clear about what I wanted for my custom cowl; at least 4 buttons, a certain fit, lined with a coordinating fabric (as if she wouldn't have done that on her own), etc.   

I am in love with my new cowl. 
& I am grateful for the laughter & crafty friendship of @mygirlthursday.

What gift(s) have YOU given yourself this season?


  1. I gifted myself with two glorious Orla mugs. And a sweet vintage wood plaque painted with a fox, a chipmunk & a bird.
    I love finding just the right thing to buy myself this time of year. ;)
    p.s. you and Thursday should work together more oft - LOVE that cowl (may you make many babies with it)!

  2. Yay! Isn't Thursday fabulous? :) So happy to count her as one of my friends <3