Monday, March 19, 2012

Where did Punk Rawk Purl go...?

I apologize for being completely MIA for the past few months. To be completely up front... it has been a rough time for Punk Rawk Purl (& for Tammy too). But I assure you that I have been smiling each and everyday and continue to be grateful for the unlimited possibilities that each day brings. 

I have been working quietly in the studio on a couple of new designs (pictured below) as well as taking on some entirely new projects as well... mostly photography related. {I have discovered great passion and solace in the ever expanding world of mobile photography. The creativity, friends, and freedom I have developed through this art have been integral to my endurance these past few months.}

I hope to be posting more regularly and am working on some updates to the shop. As always, custom orders are welcomed. If you don't see something that you that perhaps you saw at a craft show please feel free to ask, I would love to create something special just for you. 

Many thanks, hugs and lots o' love to all of you who have reached out and contacted me to check in. ❤ 
Sew-Mo-Roboto wool felt pillow with vintage buttons
(currently available for custom order only)

Pachyderm Parade wool felt pillow
(currently available for custom order only)

Hope ya'll have a great Monday! 

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