Monday, October 24, 2005

Things that make me REALLY HAPPY....

The first time I set foot into Article Pract as a customer I fell in LUST with this folding knitting basket. The colors, the design, the vintage fabric, the fact that it was meant to hold my other true lust, yarn. Since working there my lust has grown. Last week I received my very first "payment" (gift certificate) for knitting shop samples. It burned a hole in my wallet for a few days... I pondered what to spend it on. I could have bought more yarn with it. But I don't have time to knit as it is, it would only bum me out to bring new yarn home, well... For like 2 minutes maybe. BUT... A cool new basket to hold my beloved yarn, yeessssss! It was perfect. And I really have coveted this basket since day one. I am not totally sure how I have resisted the temptation of just buying it before now! But it's home now, & we couldn't be happier. Note the adorable fabric both inside and out. And the ultra cool & useful pockets in the inside. My circs now have a real home.
Happy thought No. 2... My Boyfriend, punkrawkboy, & his love for my cats. They are now OUR cats, they have been since they first met Chris. I knew he was a keeper when despite his allergies to cats, he would pick them up & talk to them & play with them! Makes my heart happy! Final Happy thought... I decided to make myself eggs for dinner, this is the college life once again! I was tired & grumpy after an afternoon of failed attempts at sketching the 3/4 pose! I cracked two eggs into the pan. Alas, one of the eggs was a "double yoker"!!! This reminds me of my grandfather. When I was a very little girl (5 or 6, maybe 4) I lived with my mother's parents in San Diego for a little while. In the winter my Grandfather would pack us all up in the van & drive an hour up into mountains where it was snowing lightly. There was this adorable little town (Julian) with an apple store. All they sold was fresh baked apple pies, fresh pressed apple cider, apple turnovers, apple butter, candied apples, etc. What in the hell does that have to do double yoked eggs you are asking?? Well, along the way was a bakery, Dudley's . People lined up for an hour to buy the best, yummiest, freshest, most amazing breads from Dudley's bakery. And what does THAT have to do with double yoked eggs you ask again?!! I'm getting there!! Just get the hell off my back!! On the way home from a full day in the snow, sipping hot apple cider & smelling fresh baked bread (they also had really good cookies!) there was this little roadside shack, literally a little hut with a straw rooftop. This little hut sold double yoked eggs. My grandfather LOVED fried eggs, over easy, he loved sopping up the yoke with bread!!! He taught me to use bread, as a utensil, egg yoke, marinara sauce, biscuits & gravy (thanks for passing down the addiction to carbs Pop!). When we got home that evening we would have double yoked eggs & fresh Dudley's bread for dinner! Yes eggs for dinner! : )
And I don't know how they knew the eggs were doubled yoked. I would like to think that because it was 30 years ago it wasn't a chemically altered thing. So unless you have a natural explanation of it... Let's not talk about the how or why!


  1. Sweet basket! Love that fabric too!

  2. Great egg story. . . I live really close to Julian, I've never been, but I have heard wonders about their infamous apple pies. Now I think I'll have to pack up the kids and go on a day trip. yay! great knitting basket by the way. . .

  3. Tammy, I followed the link to the store, and, of course, to the free patterns.
    The kitty hat is there, but no picture. That really cute picture of you in the hat belongs there, don't ya think?

    Nice memory of your Pops. Isn't it nice how those times stay with you.

  4. That is the cutest knitting bag ever! Someone like the Organized Knitter should start making those again.

  5. love the bag - love the story... I would never interrupt you with questions, I would simply listen at your feet. (covered with really cute shoes, I'm certain of it!)

    Glad to see you blogging!!

  6. I absolutely loved your story!!! You made me sooo homesick (but the good nostalgic kind) I could smell the Dudley's bread and could taste the pie all over again. And I think the secret to the double yolks is they can see them in relief when they candlelight the this cafe special requested double yolked eggs, but the real mystery is how they are able to get so many that they can specialize in double yolks ~ hmmm...
    Anyway, love your blog, and am so glad you joined us over at knitting chicks!

  7. Some chickens, like some women (or so I was told as a child) are more prone to twins. Double yoked eggs, had they been furtilized, would have been twin chicks. I would call dibs on the double yokes as a kid.
    That and dibs on the chocolate gravy! Yes, I said chocolate gravy not syrup.
    Fred Flinstove

  8. Wooo! Great stash bag!!!! Great boyfriend! Great story! Eggs are the best! Yummy!