Monday, October 17, 2005

"Tammy Needs..."

Saw this on Whit's blog and thought it was too funny. I am giving up my magic 8-ball & my horroscope scrolls! So I went to the ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL (sounds like a swift that I have met before) Google Gods and entered "Tammy needs", and this is what Google told me:

  • Tammy Needs information by January 1st (sooner would actually be better.) (no joke, this is from
  • Tammy Needs to settle something in herself (ummm... duh!)
  • Tammy Needs to know a performance installation that incorporates autobiographical text, original music and audience interaction and asks the following questions:
    -What is the difference between country music and performance art?
    -What does a fifty five year old, trailer trash, ex-heterosexual, ex-famous country and western singer need to learn in order to become a contemporary lesbian performance artist?
    ( I don't have the energy to make something this elaborate up, but I must admit that my curiosity is now peaked.)
  • Tammy Needs your prayers and good wishes (this came from The Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism Community. & please don't pray for me, just think positive thoughts.)
  • Tammy Needs a caregiver (who doesn't!?)
  • Tammy Needs more opportunities to be creative. (now this is getting a wee bit bit spooky.)
  • Tammy Needs all information by January 5th, 2003 in order to post it on the website. (that was ALL information people! I am obviously late, so hurry up!)
  • Tammy Needs to find a better boyfriend. (This one is WAYYY off base. No question about it, I HAVE the BEST boyfriend in the entire world!!!)
  • Tammy needs constant care. (and that is exactly the reason why my boyfriend is the best! ) : ')
  • Tammy needs a great deal of support, and workers need to be attentive to Tammy's need to process her grief slowly. (Can someone tell me what I am grieving over?)
  • Tammy needs a fan blowing on her constantly because she has difficulty breathing. (no comment)
  • Princess Tammy needs a MAJOR reality check (whatever!!!)


  1. Reality check here. lol I just loved that!!! #3 is still making my head spin.

  2. I did one of these too. . .I swear I'm not stalking you, I just like yer blog.

  3. I'm glad the Internet is bringing Tammy's closer together. :-)

  4. These are so funny. Now you need to do the Tammy wants variation...

  5. LOL I typed in Tammy Needs and it got me HERE...too funny

    Mom thats nuts...
    aka Tammy

  6. I just wanted to say i did the 'tammy needs' thing as well, and your site came up... it's good to see more Tammy's out there!
    -another Tammy

  7. Another Tammy Needs surfer! Loved your commentary on our name. I did this last year and came across it again, I'm now going to do the Tammy Wants...should be fun to see what comes up! LOL!

  8. I'm another Tammy who googled my way here... too funny! I wonder how old all you other Tammys are. I'll be 50 in November (named after the song in 1957).

  9. Another Tammy here! You're first on the google page!

  10. Hello, Another Tammy here! Did the Tammy needs thing for the first time today. Thought it was cute. I'm 36 and live in NW Indiana. Hello to all you other Tammy's. Just FYI. This Tammy needs real and true friends for this new year in 2008! I'm so tired of the ones who aren't there for you when you need them. Even though you have always been there for them. Happy Holidays!

  11. Tammy from Tucson found this on a silly my space bulletin and laughed a bunch. Nice to see all Tammy's are pretty cool chicks:0)

  12. Tammy 37 from New York here and yes another google search brought me here.

  13. I was told by a friend to google "Tammy needs"...this is too funny!

  14. So funny - I, too, googled 'Tammy Needs' and ended up here... (and I'm with ya on the yarn OCD, too - I'll visit again...)