Friday, May 18, 2007

Lincoln Logs...???

*****EDIT****** For some janky ass reason the allow comments feature was turned off! I was feeling so sad that not one single person had left me a comment! hehe XOXO's to xtina for calling it out to me!

NOOO! Not Lincoln Logs!
Log Cabin Blankie! It's all the rage right now, and you know me... such a follower! (that was a huge joke, in case any of you have never seen me in person) All of my friends are making 'em. So anyway, always trying to be one of the cool kids (again... haha), I thought I would leap onto the bandwagon and start a Log Cabin Blanket. I am using Lamb's Pride Worsted in Spruce, Bronze Patina, Oregano, and bulldog Blue. I am "stacking" the colors so that they appear in "v's"... at least that is the plan. I could very well end up ripping the whole thing out (all 8 square inches of it, HA) and starting all over again. HEY! That’s just the way I roll.

Walking to work from the parking garage... They are restoring the old Fox Theater Building in downtown Oakland, which is one block from the store. It's going to be fabulous! Downtown Oakland has SOOO many amazing buildings. Very art deco, very cool, very old Oakland. I am trying to get in the practice of toting my ancient (i.e. heavy) camera around with me all of the time, so I will begin snapping photos of Oakland to share with y'all. I may even throw in some photos of Alameda, because we rock too!

Speaking of work... some of my handy-work. I get to wrap gifts, some days I get to wrap a lot of gifts. Now some of you may not know this about me... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to gift wrap. Come Xmas time I am one happy camper. In fact bring your gifts to me and for a small and reasonable fee I will wrap them into an amazing feast for your eyes! The recipient of said gifts will be soooo amazed at how much effort you put into the eye popping wrap that they won't even notice that the gift inside was something they in fact gave you last year! HAHA Hey... is there a job in there? Will people pay me to wrap presies? hmmmmm, wheels turning in my little head.

Hmmmm, I wonder what's in there??

The week before Mother's Day was a big gift wrap week! YAY!

I will leave you with a photo of me with my new haircut. Now I will say this again, as I always do when sharing photos of me on haircut day.... Ir will never look like that again... well, not until I get it cut again. My stylist does a great job in making it straight, my dream hair. But as soon as I wash it... it will never be straight and shiny like that until the next time I sit my butt down in that salon chair.

EEK! Is my nose really that pointy?

P.S. This is my first post using Firefox as my browser. Now I have used Firefox in the past... here and there. But for some reason I have always been super content with Safari (maybe it just sounded more adventurous! I am going on Safari... uh, no... I am just surfing the net from my same old boring dinning room chair). But after trying to post here for two days and not being able to... it dawned on me that maybe a different browser would improve my situation... (I am not very bright when it comes to computer stuff). And here I am... and WOW! So many more formatting features are available on Firefox! There is even a button to add links! WOW! Now I don't have to remember all of that pesky Html crap! wooo hooo, it's a new day and the sun is shining!!!


  1. commence the comments! Yay! I thought you hated us. . ; {

    first, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!

    Secondly, I am always impressed with your mix of colors in any project you post. I never seem to understand the blue spectrum, but you make it work for me. The log cabin blankie is neat, I started one in neopolitan colors (i.e. strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) but never finished. I gave it to my daughter for her dolls.

  2. NIce Hair DO!!!!
    I need one myself! Maybe I will have Osky do something to it...
    Hmmm. We should plan a knitting session at Zeitgeist soon!
    (that blog layout is from some hacker girl...i cant even remember where it is ....)

  3. So glad that you turned the leave comment feature on again. I too was feeling sad that I couldn't leave you a message. Those prezzies look fab! Nice wrapping job.

  4. I LOVE that they are redoing the old theaters there. So many have been left to rot and then torn down after such neglect. Its a era that is slipping away.

    Love your hair btw, Im growing mine out and I am finally past the bad hair day stage!!