Friday, May 25, 2007

Ravel-ry Rouser

OH, my darling Raverly ... how I love you so!
Yarn + Knitting + RAD Organizational Tool = An Ecstatic PuNkrAwKpUrL!!!

This site is simply amazing. It's like they read my mind. You will need to have a Flickr account to make it work properly, which is fine by me. I love me my Flickr. And at this stage, the beta stage that is, there is a waiting list. Being a knit-one-one diva, I received an invitation and got in on the VIP list. It pays to know the right peeps. The first night I was there I spent far more time than I have to spare on something that others would judge as frivolous and unnecessary. I went crazy, foaming at the mouth, my eyes darting around the room, looking at the piles of stash artfully displayed, taking inventory and entering it into the site, under the stash page of course. I attached photos, I checked dye lots, I retook photos of certain skeins. Then I started entering projects... wow, I have sooo much more to do. I decided to be systematic about it, I am going to take one shelf, one drawer at a time and catalog the stash that way. As for projects.... I have to decide how far back to go... So much to think about, my head is swimming! Check out the site. If you need to get your knitting world organized, or more organized, or ridiculously anal organized... it will become your new home.

Other news...
or... what is the deal with that big huge photo of your wrist at the top of the page?
New classes have posted on the Knit-one-one site. Check out the Lace Cuff Class being taught by yours truly. Not only will you make the cutest, coolest, hippest, lace cuff... BUT you will also learn the coolest, hippest technique, Magic Loop.

If you haven't heard of magic loop allow me to enlighten you... Using one, count them, ONE long circular needle you can knit small circumference items in the round. For example, maybe something like a little lace cuff, a sock, a leg warmer (if you like that sort of thing, Stevie Nicks!), a baby hat, the top of an adult hat, gloves, etc. It is really ideal for those who are terrified or just annoyed with double points. Which I am not. I got hooked on magic loop because I wanted to be able to do two socks at once, which magic loop is ideal for. Now what is the advantage to magic loop over using TWO circulars to knit small items in the round?? I have no idea if there are any technical advantages. I have not done the two circ method. The obvious advantage to me would be having to only buy ONE needle, and not having to keep track of which needle you are using next.

**btw... except for the cell phone pic taken by me at the top of the page, all of the pretty cuff photos were taken by the ridiculously talented woollywumpus! thank you Emliy! xoxo**


  1. Those are pretty cute!!

    BTW, good to have you back in blogland regularly. :)

  2. argh!!! all this talk from everyone about this raverly thing!!! everyone is talking about it and it looks so awesome... i dream of an invite to it!!

  3. I agree about all the ravelry talk but I in fact am on there. But since I don't have a Flickr account and am a bit technologically challenged I am not so sure that I will go crazy like Ms Punkrawkpurl. Hmmmm.....maybe I need to get her over her to......!

  4. I have been on Ravelry for a bit now and I really love it too. One of these days I'm going to sit down and photograph my stash for it.. and then I'll be rockin' & rollin'!
    I LOVE magic loop knitting.. its fantastic. I was taught in a couple minutes how to do it and can't believe I wasn't interested in it long ago! So much easier and faster too!

  5. hey lady! aw shucks. glad you could use the pics. and I wish I were going to be here for the class! darnit! but I am sure it will go fabulously and be full of lots of cool punkrock ladies who wish to knit themselves cuffs as awesome as yours. ; ) ej

  6. Thats so great doll! Congrats, sounds like a great time!

  7. too cool! i like the cuffs and am soo glad to see you posting again! hope all is well where you're at...

  8. Hey Tammy!

    I am so jealous that you are on Ravelry. I am ready for it! I spend too much time already organizing, planning, and plotting my stash and future projects, but this looks so cool!

    Take care, chickadee.

  9. I have yet to try the circ method of making 2 socks at once, but since you're not a DPNophobe you should try making two socks at once on them. I've got a great pdf I can send you about it if you're interested. I'm Avversiera on Ravelry too. :)