Monday, February 28, 2011

1300 Things: Week 9

201.    Being open to things turning out way better than I could ever imagine.
202.    See’s Candy.
203.    The smell of rain.
204.    Vintage wool blankets.
205.    The iridescence of raindrops trapped in the window screen when the sun finally peeks out.
206.    Bloglovin. (My readership has gone way up in the one week that I’ve been on it).
207.    This awesome tea towel/ cushion (the colors make me drool):

{more info}

208.    The sun coming out long enough for me to photograph yarn.
209.    Awesome lighting in the bathroom for prime eyebrow plucking.
210.    Pandora Radio
211.    Making a mundane task…  FUN!
212.    Toasted Marshmallow milkshakes.
213.    This face, those whiskers, them eyes:

214.    The Geniuses at the Apple store.
215.    My Genius Bar appointment only taking 4 minutes. 
216.    Showing up for my Genius Bar appointment 10 minutes early & them seeing me right away.
217.    Magazine subscriptions.
218.    Dancing in my pajamas & singing along to the Glee soundtrack with Rosco (he sings Mercedes' parts)
219.     These Guys:
220.    Helpful friends who are super HTML-y!
221.    Organization by color-coding.
222.    Naps in the sun.
223.    Burnt Cheese. Or is it Burned Cheese?
224.   The scent of Brown Jasmine Rice cooking.
225.    This über adorable band/song/video:

I adore reading your comments about what YOU are grateful for.  So how about it... What are you grateful for today?


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