Monday, July 18, 2011

1300 Things: Week 28

Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive. And yes, I have missed being here... a lot! 
I've also missed visiting you over on your blogs too. Some things have shifted and I have been very very busy. I asure you that as I adjust to my new schedule I will be blogging and tweeting again on a regular schedule. Please don't forget about me! xoxo

675.  Sweet cat kisses after a long day out and about.   
676.  Really good hot and sour soup.
677.  A sweet cup of Cinnamon Plum tea. 
678.  BBQ pork chow mein.   
679.  Fortune cookies that don't lie::  
680.  Meeting a new friend... on his 1 month birthday! 
681.  The awesome staff at Pet Food Express. ( a local company) 
682.  Pecan Praline granola.
683.  Peach season!!!
684.  Peaches in Irish oatmeal.     
685.  Peaches in yogurt
686.  Peaches in my special peach macadamia nut bread.
687.  Peaches in my mouth.
688.  A trip to the Renegade Craft fair with friends.     
689.  Prawn burritos.    
690.  Being woken up by a cold cat nose. 
691.  Taking time-out to give myself a pampering pedicure       
692.  One of my photos made it to the popular page on Instagram::

693.  The summer set of ants came and went w/out much of a fuss.         
694.  Bagels with lox & cream cheese. 
695.  Ritual coffee in the neighborhood
696.  Securing an office space for a freelance gig.  
697.  Fresh fig room refresher         
698.  Gaining speed and accuracy on a knitting machine. 
699.  My willingness to make an ass out of myself for a good picture::

And how is your summer going? Where have you been? Where are you going? Have you blogged about your summer vacation? Leave me a link to your post.


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