Thursday, July 7, 2011

Collections:: Thimbles

Last week I wrote about my grandmother's need to collect things and how that need was passed down to me. It's true, I have a need to collect things. I also have a need to display them in a pleasing fashion. Most of my collections are on display in my home. You will find them in/on:: jars, bowls, children's toy tea-sets, baskets, shelves, windowsills, buckets, and so on. 

Another collection inherited from my grandmother:: Thimbles. 
My grandma embroidered... a lot. And yet, this is the one skill that I didn't pick up and run with. Well, embroidery and the ability to solve the New York Times crossword puzzle in freaky record time. This seems like an awful lot of thimbles for one woman to have, one for each finger... and then some. {I realized that there were a few missing from this photo. I believe I have 13 total.} I am aware that thimbles come in different sizes.  But I don't know... is this a lot of thimbles for two hands, even if they do embroider a lot? 

Regardless of how many thimbles one woman needs... I love each and every one of them. And more than that, I love the collection of them gathered in this pretty little dish.

Is there a skill or trade that you wished you had learned from a family member? 


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