Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The August Break::Days 1 - 9

It's true. I have been way too busy to blog.... and I promise it's been legitimate. But I think about blogging often and am eager to get back into the blog of things.

I heard about The August Break & knew that this was indeed the perfect thing to ease me back into blogging. I am attached to my iPhone. I snap pictures all day & everyday. I post them on Instagram (an iPhone app) & thoroughly enjoy the community there. {If you are on IG... look me up. I am punkrawkpurl... of course}. I of course also post to my Flickr account. 

I will share 1 or 2 photos here each day during August. But for today... here's a heaping helping of photos to get me caught up for the first 9 days of August.  Since there are no rules for The August Break I am sharing some photos that were taken in July... also since I wasn't here for July... photos from the month somehow make up for it... yes? hehehe

All photos are shot & edited using my iPhone 3GS. 
All photos are sole property of Punk Rawk Purl & 
are not to posted or reproduced under any circumstance without my permission. 

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