Friday, August 5, 2011

Thar She Sews... New Whale Pillows

Debuting tonight at the Telegraph Ave Crafty Corner::
& in my Etsy shop next week. 

Moby Stitch Pillows::
Made from a super soft & sturdy wool/rayon felt & lot's of Love. 

The front of these squishy soft pillows are sporting a happy little whale (inspired by the Moby Stitch Journals now available in my Etsy shop.) I couldn't just leave the backside of these super cute pillows bare now could I? There is a little surprise stitched up on the flip side of each and every pillow! 

Each pillow is approx 17" x 12" & stuffed with the loftiest, fluffiest, highest quality polyester fiberfill... perfect for hugging while sailing the seven seas... or just hanging out in your home.

Leave a comment here & let me know which colors you'd like to see floating around in my Etsy shop! 

Have a great Weekend everyone!!


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