Monday, October 31, 2011

1300 Things: Week 29

Week 29... Yup, I am picking up just wehere I left off. The last 1300 post that I published was on July 18th. Rest assured that I have continued to have immense gratitude every minute of every day since then. 
I want to thank those of you who have emailed me to check on me... concerned about my absence, or just to tell me how much you have missed my blog posts... each and every one of those emails have filled my heart and given me heaps more to be grateful for. 
I treasure you all. 

700.  You. My continued readers. & You, my new readers.   
701.  Rose water cookies. 
702.  Truly amazing sunsets.
703.  Truly amazing sunrises.    
704.  Recycling an entire file cabinet's worth of old useless papers.     
705.  New neighbors who aren't a group of 21 year old guys.
706.  My cutest customer (best customer appreciation photo ever!)::

the boo boo face was from the wrestling she had to endure to claim the pillow from her older brother. 
707.  New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough region... yum! 
708.  Eating fresh raspberries off of my fingertips. They taste the same, but it's more fun. 
709.  Madmen on Instant Netflix. 
710.  When your hair grows past that awkward stage. 
711.  Birthdays. Mine... and Yours.  
712.  Freshly painted toenails. 
713.  The cold spot at the very bottom corner of the bed.  
714.  Stumbling onto sweet street art around town::

My Feet. Oakland Sidewalk. Sweet street art. 
715.  iPhone updates going super smooth & all of my data & apps intact exactly where i left them. 
716.  Cranky cats... they are just as cute as non-cranky cats. 
717.  Little Star pizza... cornmeal crust sent directly from heaven. 
718.  Salted caramel ice cream and a walk in the park on a hot day. 
719.  A friendly smile from an old man on a park bench. 
720. Candy Corn. Yup...I am the one person who actually loves the stuff::

722.  Starting Year Two of 365 Days :: Self Portraits. 
723.  Soy chorizo.... it really is as yummy as the real thing. 
724.  Discovering the hilarity that is Little Britain. 

What are you grateful for on this spooky Halloween day?


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