Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My Guy is THE BEST

He always orders the gourmet-est of gourmet fancy chocolates. We take chocolate very very serious around here! Last V-day & this past Xmas I received chocolate from this amazing company, John & Kira's. I cannot say enough about just how amazing & delicious they are. They work with & support local community organizations and farms. My favorite is the "project mint patch", they purchase fresh mint from an elementary school mint "farm" to use in their chocolates mints, which tastes like mint fresh from your own garden, enrobed in dark chocolate, and nothing like peppermint patty mint. You can actually taste the love & care that goes into their candy. My fave flavor from John & Kira's is the earl grey & orange blossom in dark chocolate. drooooool! Some of the other fab flavors are, lemongrass, start anise, coffee whiskey, pistachio cinnamon, and, lavender honey.

This year my sweet sent me sweets from here. Also very delicious!! Super "exotic" flavors; tahitian caramel, pumpkin pie, vanilla rum, apple, banana, peanut butter & jelly (it's actually chocolate with peanut butter & jelly inside), cookies n' cream,...
The packaging was pretty fancy too. It was like a puzzle getting into it. You really earn a piece of chocolate once you get into the damn thing! hehe Thank you to my true love, my best friend, that tall blonde guy that lives here! Love you!!
And HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all of you out there in blog land!! XOXOX


  1. Happy Valentines Day!!! Chocolate!! yum!!
    Secret Pal

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Your glases are hot! I love them! And gormet chocolates! WOW! I'm still waiting for my husband to come home so we can start out Valentine's Day festivities.

    Love, love, love!

  3. Oooooh!!! that packaging looks DIVINE! I would love to receive that. Your guy is awesome. Wonderful photos too!

    I'm going to hunt for some chocolate tonight for myself.

  4. I heard about John and Kira's on NPR, so it must be good! I love people in love!

  5. lucky girl! those look so yummy!
    Hope your day was full of love~

  6. You know what??!! I googled "secret punk pal" and your blog was on the top of the list, weird.

  7. What a great gift! Have you ever been on the Scharffenberger tour?

  8. Yum yummy yum!
    Great Chocolates from a great guy... fantastic!