Monday, February 13, 2006

Socks, sons, & work

I finished the super stripy "first-time-knitting socks-with-sock-weight-yarn" socks. And I must say that although I am learning, and LOVING, the magic loop thang.... I truly do enjoy working on DPN's. I know!!! I must be a freak. It wouldn't be the first time I have been accused of total weirdness. I may just have to work up a pair of socks the old fashioned way once in awhile. Can you see me now, a closet DPN sock knitter, hiding it from all of my knitting buddies? I haven't been working too much on the new fangled two@once-toe-ups. My arms have been acting up a bit, so I have been working on larger gauge projects, and just not knitting as often. For those who don't know, I had some severe RSI problems with my arms, & surgery on one of my elbows. Now and then I get carried away, and push myself too far, and then have to cool off for a bit. I am chomping at the magic loop bit though!

The stripy Socks Stats:

  • Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripes in #201 (denim stripe)
  • Pattern: Ball Band of Yarn
  • DPN's: U.S. #'s 2 & 3
  • Start: 1/12/06
  • Finished: 2/9/06
  • Special Notes: switched to smaller needles for the ankles (I have skinny ankles)

This is my friend Jeanette. We met years ago while working for Trader Joe's. We were both managers & had way too much fun. We instantly hit it off!! Jeanette shares my goofy sense of humor. Like a couple of 12 year old boys, we find words like fart, butt, poop, and booger to be hysterical! We share an unhealthy obsession for the same celebrities; Johnny Depp, Crispin Glover, Christopher Walken, Benicio Del Toro, to name a few. And a neverending appetite for crab rangoon. Jeanette is 5 months preggers with a boy. (and yes, like a couple of adolescent boys we made all of the jokes about there being a penis growing inside of her. & sorry ahead of time if that offended anyone). We spent one day last week eating pancakes, shopping at Target, & listing possible names for her son. To my shock and horror I discovered that my boyfriend's first pick for a boys name is Ulysses. IF we have children, I hope they are girls! ; ) My top five boy names for Jeanette's son are Jackson, Cosmo, Nigel... & I forgot the other two.
And now for your viewing pleasure, some photos of my workplace...


  1. For crying out loud, is that all Malabrigo?!?! I guess I may have to take myself off of yarn resitriction after all. The socks looks great lady!

  2. How in the world do you make a living there? I would spend more money than I ever made if I worked there. :)

  3. Those socks are great!! I love the stripiness. Ulysses eh? I had a friend whose parents almost named him Thor. Thor, as in the nordic god Thor. Now how funny would that be for a half korean/half caucasian little boy?

  4. What an awesome shop.. someday! that is my dream.. when the kids are grown.. or maybe I will open a shop on my property that way I can take the kids with me :-)
    I am pregnant with our 5th son.. I totally understand about how young boys talk and make eachother laugh!! Ullyses never crossed my mind as far as boy names go :-) We are quite traditional.. this one will be Andrew- dubbed An- drew drew, we have a Matthew, Aaron, Samuel and Jacob.
    thanks for the pics of the shop and have a great week..
    secret pal

  5. AH! the drool is so going to short out my computer--- look at all that yarn. However do you control yourself in that shop??? One day when I am visiting the "city" I will have to come in to the shop...

    Those socks came out great! I love the colors- fun fun~
    cute tummy- I have so MANY friends preggers right now it makes me dizzy to think about how many hats I need to make :)

  6. I have serious yarn envy! Mmmmmmmmm......yarn...(ala Homer Simpson!). I like Ulysses! I have a pal in Oakland with a son named Tyberius. Yeah! I also like knitting on DPNs. Say it loud and proud, sister! They are fun and freak out non-knitters too!

  7. Your socks rock! Love the stripes. I am super jealous of the piles of yummy yarn in your photos. I would be in debt up to my eyeballs! About the names, my vote is for Nigel. Great blog!

  8. hi my name is keith and i like dpns too. i have to admit that i haven't tried the magic loop method. my next project is going to be a pair of socks, my 2nd, and i'm going to stick to dpns.

  9. that yarn porn is just plain cruella.
    i am hijacking liz and we are going to come and get me some of that lucious yarn and stash it back here in my wee little apartment...