Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am Over the Moon

I was having a hectic day yesterday, not a bad day, just hectic.  Lots of errands, & a visit to a government office, not as much fun as I pride myself in striving for daily.  Mid afternoon I peeked in on my etsy shop... yes, to count how many item views & shop hearts I have tallied since the day before.  (I know, I know, a watched shop never boils.)  As I was poking around, thinking about rearranging some items, plotting out the items that were awaiting my camera to be listed next, I noticed that I had new feedback.

My hectic day had instantly become one of my favorite days of all time.  My first customer, that is my first customer whom I didn't already know, had left me the most truly amazing review/feedback.  I mean this is primo praise!  I actually got watery eyes while reading it.  I truly do enjoy creating things that people will love, that will bring them joy.  And with her permission I will share it with you now:

"Incredibly proud and pleased to have been Tammy's first customer, and an international one at that! Tammy is extremely friendly, lovely and eager to help you create custom designs. I'm over the moon with my custom Lotería card, which Tammy very kindly created in custom colours for me to match my wedding colours as this card is intended as a wedding anniversary card for my husband. The card is beautifully made, excellent quality and the mix of textures are both pleasant to the touch and the eye; so much so that I'm very tempted to have it framed afterwards! I can highly recommend these cards to anyone wishing to make a purchase from this shop, you won't be disappointed! It's been a real pleasure purchasing from you, Tammy, thank you ever so much for patiently communicating with me and creating something very special! I can't wait to purchase more cards from you in future, and thank you ever so much for the early anniversary wishes in another of your splendid cards! I wish you all the best with your endeavors :)"
Thank you Nina for being an amazing first customer! & thank you for using one of my favorite phrases... I too am over the moon! ❤
a quick iPhone shot of WHOOOO is coming to the shop next.


  1. Congrats to you! Your work is adorable! (and so are you. Love the self portrait.)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better on Twitter and here.

    (from the clean looks of you blog, I recognize it must be time for me to rework mine!)

  2. I love love love your work. Did I mention that I love it? *grin*

    I think every time I get a sale from someone I don't know, I do this little dance - I probably look ridiculous - but seriously, the thrill never seems to wear off. It's awesome! I hope that feeling keeps coming back to you again and again :)