Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monkey Wrenches... Not as Cute as They Sound.

So I had a wee setback in my master plans for the the first half of the week.  I started feeling a little low energy Sunday afternoon.  Late that evening I was doing my best impression of Linda Blair... circa The Exorcism.  The 24 hours following that... let's just say that my boyfriend is a flippin saint for sticking around to take care of me.  It's Wednesday & my energy continues to go up, but my body is a little weak still. 
But I am strong enough to blog... which is saying a lot for me... having not blogged regularly in EONS.  I really do enjoy it.  & I really did miss it.  & I was really quite good at it. (please don't go by this post, remember... I am still recovering from violent illness). 

Speaking of blogs... and scary things.... check out BuNnY MoNsTeRz blog to win one of these SUPER adorable  scary zombie bunnyz! 

And whilst still on topic of blogs & not having used one in a very very long time, I realized just how outdated & ridiculous this one is... the appearance & link content.  Being somewhat limited in my techno-bilities I did some stripping away of old buttons & links that weren't really pertinent to me or what I'm literally selling these days. The next step on operation blog-over is to replace the banner... & fix the issue with the body of the blog shifting to the right of the screen... this however will require some assistance. I am actually looking to build a website that will link to the blog... among other cool PuNk rAwK pUrL links.  Soon my pretties... soon. Oh... also talking about a change up in the colors.  sooo darned exciting.

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