Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Items in The Shop

I am super dooper excited to announce that 
The Sew & Sew Owl Note Card line has landed in The Shop
This is Oscar

I have created these little guys & gals using vintage buttons from my Grandmother, colorful papers, threads, & lots of love. I cut all of the paper pieces by hand & arrange them according to color & texture. Then the extra-super-fun-for-me part begins... I use different colored threads to stitch it all together. The final detail in cuteness is applied when I hand sew the button eyes on. Depending on the mood of the individual owl, sometimes the eyes match; sometimes they are adorably wonky.
Although I can recreate similar Owls, no two Sew & Sew Owl cards are the same.
Presenting Otto, Ogden, & Orlando


 Are your walls a little bare?  Or just lacking in over the top adorableness? 
You can request any of my cards to be framed.  Most of my A2 sized cards can be purchased for just $20, which includes the card & the frame.  They make awesome affordable art!
& let's not forget Sweet little Odessa


  1. It looks like you are having way too much fun with owls and blogs!

  2. fabulous!
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  3. Awesome, Tammy! Found your site through Mike!