Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Best-est Yarn Pal Ever...

Yahaira is THE COOLEST, SWEETEST, RADEST yarn pal EVER!!! She knits the most amazing things, I am in awe of her. A few weeks ago she sent me a very cool yarn-o-gram! And today I check the mail, and find yet another happy red envelope! I had no idea, totally not expecting it whatsoever! Oh how I LOVE surprises!!!! Especially when the surprise is yarn, gorgeous beautiful, lucious yarn!!!!! For my birthday Little Ms. Wonderful sent me a little treat, a skein of collinette point 5 in mist! She does not know this, BUT... I have been drooling over the collinette for a couple of weeks now, (we sell it at the shop I work in). It's like she read my mind! While at work I keep petting it, cooing at it, flirting with it a bit, but I have remained shy, not sure how I could possibly make that sexy yarn look as good as it does in its natural skein state. As with the cotton & microspun that Little Ms. Wonderful sent last time, this once again is nudging me outside of my yarn cocoon. My mind is already swimming with plans for Miss Mist Collinette.
Yahaira, THANK YOU!!!!! You are so sweet!


  1. aww you are soooo welcome! Happy Bday!!!

  2. Colinette is lovely! I have only been knitting for a month and I'm using it for my third project. Have you seen the Rock Gods & Movie Stars booklet? Also, thank you for sharing photos from Alterknits. I was trying to decide whether or not to order it. It just arrived with today's mail!