Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fancy Arms

    The stats...
  • Start: 9/13
  • Done: 9/27
  • Yarn: Manos #'s 36 & 68
  • Needle US #8
  • Pattern: from AlterKnits by Leigh Radford
I finished these guys Tuesday evening. I settled on 2 different ribbons; the blue silk which is laced in them now, it's a direct color match, right down to the striation of the shades of blue, and the purple ribbon that I was using to "test" the gloves. I kinda like the purple, I find myself saying that more & more these days. Certain shades of purple have been calling to me. Anyway, I quite liked the purple ribbon with the blue & green of the gloves. I like the idea of changing the ribbons with my mood! Now I am ready to start another pair of these, they were fun!! I have had requests for these as xmas & birthday gifts.
Chris' lap-top bag is dragging along! I feel kind of bad complaining about it. I don't want Chris to feel bad, but since he never reads this I will just say it, this is the single most boring project I have tackled yet!! I am just barely past the 1/2 way point, & I have 21 more inches to go. Note the size reference, the stitch gauge laying in the middle of the vast expanse of stripey yarn! When I hold it up in front of me, it looks the front panel of a skirt. I am very happy with the colors, the stripes, and all that. I just wish it would knit itself!!!
My throat still feels like I swallowed a porcupine! Remeber those comercials with the kids that drew pictures of their cold symptoms? There was one where the kid had a running faucet for a nose, or the kid that was breathing fire out his mouth, and he said "my FROAT is on fire!" I am just glad that I am getting this sickness out of the way now! Monday is orientation, Tuesday is a mandatory job fair, & Thursday is my first day of class!! Nervous!!!!
Today I am laying low, knitting some more stripes on the laptop bag, & working on the secret tweed hat.


  1. OHHH! they are really cute! I really like the satin ribbon. I am gonna have to make some of these- some of my girlfriends saw my little half gloves that I made and DEMANDED I make them a pair-
    I hope you are feeling better- GYPSY COLD CARE TEA! and THROAT COAT TEA! that is all I can say for you little missy. (check your local health food sotre/section). Does the trick for me every time!

  2. Hey toots,
    I feel pretty bad too. I have the same sore throat.

    Love the gauntlets!

    We missed ya last night.

  3. Tammy,
    Your gloves look great !!!

    LOL.. I know what you mean about Long Boring Projects...

    Hope you Get thru it :)

  4. I hate long S-stitch projects. Eeeekkk... I feel your pain.

    Your gloves are still BEEEEautiful.

  5. You are working on lots! That bag will be beautiful when it is done, too.

    What is the hat you are working on? I want to make a tweed hat with a bill for someone.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  6. You poor thing. I hope you are well soon. Have you tried the sore throat syrup or aspergum?

    Your lace-up mitts are adorable.

  7. It may be a boring project, but I can't tell you much I appreciate it. In fact, the fact that you're sticking with making it despite it being boring makes it mean even more for me. XOXO

  8. I found the cutest photo on your site.