Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Happy Early Birthday To Me!!!

If anyone ever wondered just who was the coolest, hottest, best-est boyfriend in the whole wide world, allow me to tell you. It's MY boyfriend!!!! Tonight he gave me two of my gifts a week early. Now, we all know already just how amazing loop-d-loop is. BUT, AlterKNITS which was released a few days ago, & I have been DYING for, is FU**ING amazing. I LOVE this book!! There is really cool shit in here! Very inspiring, very alternative, & not alternative in a blink 182 lame-o kinda way!! There are tons of patterns for really cool sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats.... etc. AND, patterns for purses, laptop bags, crepe paper crowns, lanterns, a screen door, a corset/bustier, leather wrist cuffs, baby stuff (don't worry only a couple, & they are cool), a felted bulletin board, & my fave, a dress form decoupaged in yarn labels!!!
And sprinkled throughout there are pretty cool "creativity exercises". Like describe your knitting action hero, or color class experiment, & lots more. Some of them are meant to be shared in a group, while others to be explored alone!!
YUMMMY BOOK!! YUMMMY boyfriend!!!! XOXOXOXOX to Chrissy!!


  1. Hey, tell me more about the dress form... I am actually planning to get something like that to display my stuff for my classes. I am also going to do some of those styrofoam heads (for hats, chokers, etc.) and paint faces on them... I saw some on ebay and decided it didn't look that hard.

    Still loving your blog! :O)

  2. Ooh - happy birthday! I love loop-d-looop and I'll have to check out the other one. Everyone seems to love it.

  3. Bought this book! I AM LOVING IT!! YIPPEEE-