Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Monday! Weekend Update & so on...

Knitting news...
I finished the skully tote!! I LOVE the way the mitered bottom came out, I think I will be using it again!!! I just need to decide what kind of straps to do, I don't like the ones in the pattern. I ran out of the black WOA, literally had a foot of black left after binding off, talk about close call!!! I don't want to do red straps. I could order more WOA, though this gift is due on the 19th. Here are my thoughts... I am thinking of punching grommets into the bag (post felting) so that the straps can be changed periodically. I could gift the bag & tell her the straps are coming... is that lame??
I still have yet to felt the completed BHB that unintentionally matches my sweater from High School! I am waiting to felt a bunch of stuff together at once.
I bought yarn to start the Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves from Alterknits, see below for more info on that.
Last night I cast on for a felted laptop bag for Chris's new laptop, also from AlterKnits . I've got about 12 rows so far. I wanted to pick up some Lamb's Pride, but none of the colors we had at AP were saying "Chris Dove". So I am using some of the WOA that I ordered a couple of weeks ago ( I had ordered the red & black specifically for the skully tote, & a random assortment for no particular project.) I am really happy with the color scheme I chose for the bag, not too shabby for using stuff that I had laying around. I will post a pic once I get a little more worked.
I am at a stall with my cape project. I just haven't had the time to sit down & crunch #'s & plot it out. It's been a long time since I have been legitimately busy, I love it!!

Saturday my friend Nomi and I had plans to get together and knit. On Friday as I was driving through town I saw several signs for estate sales coming up that weekend. So, when I got home I called Nomi and asked if she would be down for cruising some estate sales before we sit and knit. Happily she said yes!

Now, I've always had mixed feelings about estate sales. On the one big and important hand you can get really cool stuff at a pretty cool price. On the second less important, but creepy hand, its just kind of... Well, creepy, digging through some nice little old ladies stuff while she's still warm in the ground!! Plus it makes you very aware of your own mortality. It makes me stop and wonder, When I die will total strangers be rifling through my stuff, bargaining for silk scarves, cookbooks, & vases?"

We found two actual estate sales, one small but good yard sale, & one car wreck of a yard sale, (it was like a tacky flea market booth of cheap beauty products, bad acrylic scarves, and lots of white pleather Pee Wee Herman shoes). From the estate sales, we got a pretty good amount of vintage knitting and sewing items. I bought three different circular needles, still in the original packaging, a yellow and green silk zebra scarf (that is the complete zebra head, not just zebra stripes), a Shriner badge, a size zero crochet hook, a pair of "Miss Mary Marker" knitting needles all for $1.50. I also got an entire card of super cute brown & turquoise floral ribbon for $0.vintageintgae chrome cake server, & some HILARIOUS vintage cookbooks.

Then of course, we had to nourish ourselves after all of that shopping. We went and had very yummy Burmese. Nomi and I have only known each other for a few weeks, but the obsession with constantly talking about either food or knitting has made us good friends. After Lunch we had to feed our appetite for yarn. We walked over to Yarn!, Nomi wanted to buy the Fall issue of Interweave Knits before it was gone for good. She bought the magazine & took a peek at the sale bins... Say no more, she also left with 4 balls of dreamy yarn (don't remember what kind).
And while I was there I fell in love with #36 Manos, which will be my future lace up fingerless gloves. After I got it home I decided that #36 should really meet #68, & it hit me that they should never be apart! So I am thinking about how I want to configure the gloves with both colors, I don't want to do stripes, I don't think it would suit the delicate aspect of those gloves. I am thinking a thin band of #68 at each end. What do you guys think?


  1. I have this fixation lately on brown and turquoise. I can see that I'm going to have to do something with it soon.... Hmm... So, I'm viewing your new/old ribbon as a sign from above to get busy on it.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend.

    I like the thin band idea - those gloves are fab.

    The ham and banana rolls slightly turned my stomach.

    I LOVE the cake server. You have great taste!!!

    I lived a chunk of my life in a mortuary, so I don't have qualms about the whole "dead" thing - and I kind of like the idea of some great girl coming along 50 years from now and looking over my old treasures to find something she falls in love with... kindred spirits or some such thing.

    Your bag's great - for handles, I really like the grommet idea. Have you seen the handles made from rubber tubing? You can put ribbon or something through them, then paper punch holes in them and fasten with buttons or whatever. I want to do that for a bag I've been designing in my head for weeks.

  2. I love, love, love, love, love the skull tote!!!!

    Any chance you'll be selling them?

  3. You did a GREAT job on the tote! I knew you would.

  4. thanks everyone! Maggie I won't be selling these because the pattern is not mine, it is a free pattern from
    It is in my plans to begin developing my own patterns & to sell small quantities. so keep an eye on my blog. : ')