Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Birthday Post!! Learn to Crochet & Shriners...

Happy birthday to me! My big birthday treat to myself is that I am going back to acupuncture after a years absence. With all of the changes taking place these days, Chris in school, me working & starting school… it is a good time for me to go to center and balance my Chi! Hehehe I LOVED acupuncture! I have my first appointment today!

No real new knitting news. Went to the stitch and bitch last night at Julie’s, it was a pretty big turnout, and a lot of fun. I mostly worked on the laptop bag for Chris. I did spend a few moments looking at, and talking about my fingerless lace-up gloves, the first 4 rows just don’t look right to me, and my cast on looks funky. The pattern has you cast on, knit a row, then start eyelet pattern in St st. But the next row becomes the RS row, & the previous row was a knit row… it just looks weird. I may go ask for a professional opinion today. That means you Janis! : ‘)

The laptop bag is looking good, I am really happy with the color scheme. I have a hard time with random striping, as with most things I tend to over think it. After learning intarsia, & to weave in the tails as I work, it is making changing colors when striping so much easier. When I’m done with the bag, I’ll be DONE with the bag!!! No weaving to be done! ☺
This little ball of pink beauty is Prisms Tulle in Lipstick. It reminds me of Cyndi Lauper, circa 1981!! I am knitting it up for a store sample, yes I get paid to knit samples. I cannot decide how I want to work it to best suit it! My default is a drop stitch kinda thing, that just seems so overdone as far as novelty ribbon yarn goes. Opinions??!!

Yesterday I had a crochet lesson. It was subsidized by article pract. It was for the employees who wanted to learn crochet. The instructor was a cool chick named Suzanna, who had some of the coolest crocheted items I had ever seen. I must say, crochet was much harder for me then knitting was at first. When I was first learning to knit, I pretty much just picked up the needles started knitting. But crochet was a little strange, for one thing, I had to hold the yarn in my left hand (I am a thrower when I knit), and then there is that little thing about only having one stick to work with!! : ) In the photo of my crochet swatch that big hump on the end is supposed to be a bobble, other than that, my swatch was relatively uniform and square. Susanna said that I had really good tension, so at least there’s that. It was a lot of fun. I definitely need to practice a lot more.
And the Shriner badge is here, just because I like it, a lot!! It's from one of the Estate sales over th eweekend.


  1. Let me be the first to blog you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so glad I've gotten to know you as a friend online. You are one great "knitting chick" !!

    Your crochet looks good for a first-timer. You may want to seriously think about becoming a european knitter. It is much faster than english knitting. Plus, when you do fair isle knitting you can do it with both hands and there's something so satisfying about that!!!!

    There are some things that imho look better knit and some that look better crocheted (especially ponchos)... So, you will love being able to do both I think!!!

    Love the lipstick yarn - I even love the name!

  2. The swatch looks great for a new crocheter! It took me ages to get my tension that smooth. Hang in there with it - while it's definitely different than knitting I think the two compliment each other nicely. Just think of all the really cool crocheted borders you'll be able to add to knitted pieces. =)

    And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy birthday to a fellow Virgo! Man, working at Article Pract sounds like fun... The August issue of Knit n' Style has a tank top in a drop-stitch pattern that looks a lot like your sample ribbon yarn. It's an intriguing stitch, too.

  4. Damn! You were right in front of my face and I didn't say Happy Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday, toots!!!

  5. Thanks everyone for the sweet birthday wishes!! & crochet compliments. I am excited about learning crochet. I have come across so many knit patterns that call for some little bit of crochet, a neckline or something. So I am happy to learn a new craft!

  6. Happy (belated) Birthday! Crochet swatch looks good! I learned to crochet first, so, I never had to endeavor that awkward feeling of yarn throwing. Being a crocheter at heart...leaves you a "continental" knitter.

  7. OMG!!!!! Happy BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!!! Sorry I missed it by a day. I didn't know it was your big day!

    Hope you had a better one than my BROTHER. Yeah, his birthday is 9/13, too! He had to go to NJ on a biz trip, then on his way home to CT, got stuck in traffic for 3 HOURS when they shut down the Tappan Zee bridge! Talk about not having fun. Good thing he was in his NEW car!

    Knitting class starts next week! Weee! It's all your fault!

  8. robin- sorry to hear that your brother's bday sucked so bad!!
    and i will gladly & proudly accept the blame for you taking up knitting!!

  9. Happy belated! Good job on the crochet swatch. What I want to know, though, is are you related to a Shriner or did you just think the badge is cool!

  10. jenbin- thanks. I don't think that I am related to any Shriners. I just have a deep appreciation for kitsch. and it don'tt get no kitchier than Shriner memorobillia!! : )