Monday, March 14, 2011

1300 Things: Week 11

251.  The smell of freshly chopped cilantro
252.  Discovering the stuff you were already buying is on sale
253.  Witnessing the Catnip Crazies
254.  A bag full of vintage tablecloths from an awesome friend
255.  Scrubs. The TV show. Not the garment/uniform (tho they look comfy).
256.  These Cushions by Darling Clementine:
Via Kenziepoo

257.  Mail swapping coffee filters with the lovely Caren from Tea and Chickadees
258.  Post-it Notes
259.  That I had gauze & medical tape in the house on Saturday.
260.  Boxes & boxes of vintage buttons.
261.  Color palette:: Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, and Turquoise Blue, with Black & White accents.
262.  This Geico commercial (I can't stop watching it):

263.  Making a Sale on Etsy!
264.  Carne Asada burritos w/ extra guacamole.
265.  Glue-sticks. Sheer genius... the convenience of glue in a stick. 
266.  Being loaned the most adorable vintage sewing machine. 
267.  So much positive feedback about my Moleskine Journals!
268.  Warm Cats on a cold lap
269.  Making it to day 200 of 365 Days- Self Portrait Project:

Day 200/ 365

270.  Any of the "conversations with a two year old" posts from crafty ave. Her little Loo cracks me UP!            & I am not usually amused by kids.
271.  That Oakland tap water is tasty.
272.  Heating Pad under the covers on a chilly night.  
273.  Apples... crisp ones.
274.  Cheese & cracker snacks.
275. This song by E L O: ❤ it so hard! I recall listening to song when I was just a kid & it has                            always made the sky blue & the sun shine for me!

How many things can you think of to be grateful for in the next 30 minutes? 10 minutes?  right this very minute?

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