Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Handwriting Game

My Girl Thursday (one of my very favorite bloggers, tweeters, and crafty geniuses) tagged me for this handwriting meme.  I don't do a lot of meme's... but after doing the 30Days of Lists project all month, I was feeling pumped up to handwrite another list for you!

I have mixed feelings about my handwriting.  It's highly inconsistent.  Sometimes I write in all capitals, and other times I randomly toss in lower case letters here and there.  It's never pre-thought, it just happens.  I like that it's different all of the time... like me, always changing, it keeps life interesting.  I never write in cursive.  When I sign my name it's a funky hybrid of cursive and print.  My one concern about my writing is that often people tell me that they cannot read it, "it's too funky!"  Hoping that you can read my list, here you go...

I would like to see the handwriting of these favorite bloggers: 
Samantha Marie - S.S. Vintage
Rosemary -  Motley Stew

Here are the questions if you'd like to make a post of your own.  
If you do make your own handwritten post, be sure to leave a link below so that I can come on over & check it out!

1.  Your Name - Blog Name
2.  Your blog URL
3.  Write: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog. 
4.  Favorite Quote
5.  Favorite Song
6.  Favorite Musicians/Bands
7.  Something you say...
8.  Tag people for the game.

How do you feel about your handwriting? Do you have a favorite pen that you prefer to write with?

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