Friday, March 25, 2011

This Owl... Creepy or Cute?

A brief history of how I came to ❤ Owls...

When I was just a little Tammy growing up in the Seventies I lived with my grandparents for a short time.  My Grandmother's best friend was a very sweet woman named Jean.  Her Husband's name was Marion... yes Marion. (FYI:: This was also John Wayne's birth given name.)  We spent a lot of time visiting Jean & Marion at their house.

Jean liked to collect owls.  Although... the word "collect" doesn't quite capture the love and devotion that this woman had for owls.  Every single room in her home was brimming with owl decor. There were owl: candy dishes, lamps, magazine racks, curtains, planters, cookie jars, tea pots, coffee mugs, salt & pepper shakers, clocks, toilet seats, tissue box covers, bath towels, wastebaskets, calculators, staplers, pencil cups, and enough owl statues to fill up a forest.  

And then there was the clothing and jewelry.  I'll leave your imagination to run wild with that.  And do remember... it was the Seventies.  

Occasionally Jean would line up a few trinkets on the dinning table and allow me to choose one "for keeps". I slowly built up a little owl collection, which sadly I no longer have.  What I do still have is the wonderful memory of Jean and her owl house, a budding new owl collection, and a love for owls that will live forever. 

Personally I think that this Owl is cute... and kind of funny too... and really patient.
But mostly I think it's really cute.

What do you think about this little Owl? Creepy or Cute? 

Owl Fact:: a grouping of owls is called a Parliament. How wonderfully stuffy & regal!  

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