Monday, March 21, 2011

1300 Things: Week 12

276.  A bag full of homemade treats from a friend (bread, cake, caramels & truffles)
277.  A rainy afternoon crafting with a friend at home. 
278.  Warm laundry on a cold day.
279.  Art supply stores.
280.  Vintage dresses.
281.  Grilled cheese sandwiches:: 

282.  Brightly colored trays. (so darned useful)
283.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
284.  Felt coffee-cup cozies.
285.  My paper cutter.
286.  Overcoming a silly fear (that wasn't even real to begin with).
288.  A package full of goodies from a friend. (post & pics coming this Wednesday)
289.  Binder clips.
290.  Pink dish sponges. 
291.  Lint rollers.
292.  Scotch tape.
293.  Having my own postage scale. 
294.  Fluorescent Pink:: 
Some of my Bright Creations
295.  The willpower to turn the ringer off on my cell phone for an entire day.
296.  Sesame oil.
297.  The Trader Joe's on University Ave in Berkeley (gorgeous!)
298.  The sun finally peeking out... if only for an hour. 
299.  Beef & Broccoli w/ extra broccoli!
300. This roller-derby-tastic movie::

How many things can you think of to be grateful for in the next 30 minutes? 10 minutes?  right this very minute?

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