Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cats, Hats, Rats... Oh MY!

I dedicate this post to Robin, a friend from flickr, who loves the kittyville hat so much, she wants to learn how to knit.

I have finished the hat, the earflaps, the i-cord, and made a sample dead mouse to replace the pom poms (I am using the mousy pattern from the cat warming set in the s n'b nation book). Last night at the LYS knit-together I started the kitty ears, and got a really good idea from one of the gals!! Have a dead mouse on one i-cord & a wedge of cheese on the other. The other day I was thinking a fish skeleton, but I have absolutely no idea how to even begin knitting a fish skeleton!! I LOVE these ideas! btw... The same smart gal who thunk up the cheese wedge, also noticed that while I was gabbin away, I was putting my second ear on lopsided! I didn't catch your name, but thanks a ton, you were on the ball last night! :')

On the topic of the LYS knit-together... I had so much fun last night! Those ladies are fun, fun, fun. There is lots of laughing, a little bitching, and even a few good curse words! :0 :) It's an easy going bunch, everyone takes an interest in what each other is working on, they are friendly, helpful, and just plain happy people. I have been to some Sn'B groups that are comprised of some real sour pusses! Jeesh! If you cannot lighten up & have fun sipping coffee or tea, eating a freakin scone, & knitting with your neighbors... STAY HOME and bitch to your cats! I am all for the bitchin as well as the stitchin... But come on people, lighten up!!!

I also bought some yarn last night. Was it because I have already knit up the entire MOUNTAIN of yarn at home??? NO! Maybe because I won the lotto, & had money burning a hole in my pocket? NO! I know... It's because I saw the yarn & knew EXACTLY what I would use it for!!! Well.... Closer. I told myself that I was going to to buy ONE skein of yarn. I am planning to make a certain something for a certain someone & I have most of what I needed. I wanted to get something in a shade of purple, a color that I quite like, but am not naturally drawn to on my own. So I pick up the Lucky Lime that I already have, so I can choose which purple will be coming home with me. Okay folks... here is where my weakness won! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dammed green! The problem was that dammed green was really best suited with not one of the two purples, but both! So in order to fully compliment the favored Lucky Lime... I had to buy ANOTHER (the 3rd) skein of Lucky Lime & one EACH of the purples... Who's names I have not yet learned or made up! My dream job as a child was to be the person who named colors, for crayons, J. Crew, or anything!!!


  1. Those hats crack me up. LOVE the new yarn - what a great color combination!!!! The green is divine and I am a purple lover.

  2. OOOOO!!!!! I love the kitty hat!!!!!!! OOOOO!!!!!! Mouse and cheese are good ideas! How about one GIANT, metal "jingle" bell on the end of each i-cord? You are doing just what I was thinking about for the inset of what about this..what if the YARN for the inside of the ears was really FUZZY?

  3. thaks whit!
    Robin-on the green kitty hat I did white fuzzy inset on the ears, it didn't look right so I re-did it. Maybe fuzzy on the backside of the ears. I will for sure play around with it!

  4. The kitty hat tassles are too fun! :)

    I know what you mean about more than one yarn begging to be brought home. I think 3/4ths of my growing stash got here because of that.

  5. i like that hat alot... do u make 1 for a dog????holla back;)