Monday, August 15, 2005

SOCK it to me!!

So yesterday, I took my first of a three session sock making class. I love the instructor, I took an advanced beginner's class with her a few months back. Her name is Julie, she makes everything so much fun, it's like hanging out with friends, not like learning. First I had to choose yarn for, what would be my very first pair of socks (that is, socks that I made myself. Not that I have never owned a pair of socks before. We were not that poor.) The sock pattern that we would be using, called for worsted weight yarn, which I thought would be too bulky for socks. But what the heck do I know, I have never made a sock before. I wanted to use washable wool for my socks, because I just can't imagine hand washing a pair of socks. But I could not find anything that fit my color/fiber criteria in a washable. So I went with some lambs pride, guess I will be hand washing my socks after all. Anyway, we didn't get very far, just started the cuff. Next week we will turn the heel!! WOOO HOOO btw.... this is the first time I have used lamb's pride (I bought a bunch to felt, but haven't used it yet). I love it! I love that fluffy fuzzy goodness!

I am also working on a second Kittyville hat. This one is in a really cool peacock blue (the photo really does not represent the proper color). These hats are fun for me, they are good projects to do at a stitch and bitch, or in any social setting. They don't require much concentration, I can use the more economical lion brand wool ease yarn, and they are really fun, everybody loves them. Check out my kitty friends set in flicker, I made every one at our party on Saturday wear the Kitty hat and pose for a quick snapshot. The results were very funny.

I also began another BHB. I haven't taken any pix. I am still on the base of the bag, it's a really pretty bright navy blue. I will snap some shots when I get the body started.


  1. Lamb's Pride is great stuff for felting with - gives nice, consistent results. Be aware though that it can get a tad fuzzy - much more so than the Cascade 220. But it's awesome yarn and the fact that they're based in Nebraska makes them that much more appealing to me. =)

  2. Ever since I saw this pic over on flickr, Ive been thinking about this color combo. I must make something pink and green! You've entered my subconcious somehow, anyway can't wait to see you turning the heel. :)

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  4. Reminds me of the 80s. A boyfriend and I wore matching Izods (his green, mine pink) and had our pics taken together. The kind where one person is facing the camera and the other person is to the side with opacity - like they're dead or something?!

    Anyhow - LOVE the colors and am jealous as I still haven't taken the sock plunge.