Friday, August 12, 2005

Yarn, potted meat, creepy singing children, & life...

I took Friday off from blogging because I was preparing for our "back to school bbq party", which was yesterday, and was a ton of meaty, boozy fun. & I took Saturday off from blogging because I was having tons of meaty fun. So here I am blogging on a Sunday, can I go to Hell for that? :')

I came across this creepiness today. It is hilarious, mesmerizing, & very creepy all at once. I wasted some valuable time listening to all of my fave classic songs being crooned by the lost member of The Addams family!!

Friday Recap-Soooo, after hearing so many great things about a yarn shop (that shall remain unnamed), I dragged myself out there to take a peek. They are having some mega sale right now, sounds promising right? It is about a 30 minute drive through a section of freeway (the 980/580/800 interchange) that must have been designed by Satan!

Now, I am the first to admit that I am a ragging retail snob, so it could just be me. As I approached the store I see the fairly large window displays... I honestly do not recall what was on display, just the HUGE lint balls & dust bunnies, & dead flies. I cautiously walk in, thinking to myself "no biggie. There's sale yarn ahead, go forward young knitter!"

It was very very disorganized, it looked like someone's SUPER CLUTTERED craft room with ugly safeway style linoleum floors. I spent a few minutes carefully maneuvering through the chaos. None of the individual skeins were priced, SOMETIMES there was a price chart hanging from the shelf, but usually the yarn on that shelf did not match up to the list attached to said shelf. ARRGH! Anyway... it was all very picked over. The colors were not doing anything for me... at all. Mostly pastels & muted primaries. I did buy a couple of skeins of cascade 220 for felting. (the gold & the dark green on bottom are from the messy store) That suitcase is one of my fave vintagey things & I am very excited that I have a pile of yarn (all purchased at different times) to recreate something in that beautiful color palette.

So I drove back to home base & straight to my local-est of LYS & chatted with the delightful store owner (you know who you are:')) & relaxed in a beautifully put together retail environment, carpets, organization, warm lighting, clean, neat, & the yarn from here ALWAYS smells really good, not flowery or overpowering, just a subtle comforting scent. I dunno! But I bought some really cool bright, fun, exciting yarn.

Saturday Recap- bbq fun & cool "back to school" gifts from some of our really cool friends! Thanks Tricia & Dan & Irene!!

Oh... and Potted Meat, how could I forget!! While walking the streets of Alameda with my friend Heidi the other day, I came across this in a cool little Asian/Indian/Funky grocery store.


  1. Ewww..that sounds like the shop that masquerades as a yarn shop here! Everything in it (including some of the yarn) is from the 1970's! Let's not even mention she smokes in there? Talk about gross, you always feel as if you need a bath when you have left it. It's just gross!

  2. smoking in a yarn shop? wow. that is pretty gross. this place was just really cluttered & unorganized, which gives an anal retentive person like me the willies!

  3. Holy Crap!
    I can not believe you have the same blue green suitcase I have!
    My mom gave it to me when I was little to store my doll clothes and now it sits under some junk loaded with doll house siding.
    Siding that has been there for about 15 years.

    What a shock to see that suitcase on line.
    Very Cool.