Thursday, August 25, 2005

One Big Fat Skein of Delicious!!!!

Ok... In effort to catch up to my life's current events I am posting twice in one day.... Lightning strikes!!

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Say hello to the newest to my yarn family, I call her Delicious!!! Let's face it, we call it our stash... But really it is a part of our family. If there were a fire, what would you go for first... Your wedding album, the cuisinart, the cats (just kidding), your collection of autographed Partridge Family albums... Or your stash! Yes, that's what I thought!
I bought this last night during our Wednesday night knit fit. Honestly, last night I felt more like shopping & perusing knitting books than knitting. I will be making the "my so called scarf" (look under the patterns heading) with this hottie of a yarn! Super Janis, a.k.a "my knitting hero" wound it up for me. I have never used striping yarn before, it was so cool watching it form into a tasty little cake of yarn on the winder. As she wound, the cake went from red to blue, to orange, green, etc..... like an everlasting gobstopper! HYP-NO-TIZIN!
Also last night... I decided to buy a 2nd set of #7 dpns so that I can power through the 2nd sock before my final sock class on Sunday. I want to be able to practice the kitchner/BITCHner stitch on both socks in the presence of a professional. I hope it's another one of those things that everyone makes out to be harder than it really it is.

SOOO anyway... I was looking through the dpns, and I saw these little white dwarf needles. Janis mentioned how much she loved them. I said it seemed they would be too short to keep the yarn on... She explained that they are much easier to knit with because you don't have all that extra needle length just flopping around. I went home, cast on... And voila, once again... She was spot on right!


  1. The socks are coming along fast. I keep promising myself that I will start to knit a sock, but have yet to do so.

    Such vibrant colors in the yarn you bought. It should look wonderful as a MSCS.

  2. You're going to have fun knitting up that new yarn! Great colors!
    I always do both socks at once too~~no chance for SSS that way!!

  3. oh those needles are so cute and tiny, what brand are they?

    how many skeins did it take to make the socks with lambs pride?

  4. Thanks guys. I am very excited about that yarn. I don't usually like variegated type yarns, but the colors are so strong in this one, it just caught my eye!
    yahaira- I thought I had put the needle info in my post... silly me!:')
    They are Bryspun brand, Bry-Flex. They ARE so cute & tiny, and suprisingly super easy to knit with. I was a little weary about the size AND them being plastic, I was so very wrong!
    I just started the 2nd sock, so I don't know for certain. I am pretty sure though I will get both socks out of the one green skein, & I am using very little pink. I will let you know!

  5. doh! I forgot to say that kitchener stitch is a breeze, easy peasy. knitty has an article on how to do it, with pics so that should help you blast along. check their archives towards the bottom.

  6. I'm in love with the new addition to the stash! Can'twait to see it knitted up! And the sock is ever so lovely! Great job of it!

  7. I love the term "bitchner stitch". It isn't hard, but people bitch so much about it that it is a PERFECT term!

  8. one skein for a pair? thats not bad at all! unfortunately there is something in lambs pride that Im allergic to so Ill have to find another bulky weight yarn. I have more than half a skein in my leftover stash somewhere, would you want it? I can even wind it into a little cake for you

  9. I LOVE those needles.. When I started doing socks and went sock crazy..I bought about 5 different sizes of those needles.. I just love the points and the "shortness" of them.. Also great for sleeves on baby sweaters!
    Mine are the Bryspun... Is that what yours are??