Monday, August 29, 2005

Screwed up Beloved Socks & Tinking is a BITCH

Yesterday was my last sock class. The other three students were no- shows, so basically I had a private two-hour sock lesson. Since I had completed my sock up to the point of the Kitchener stitch, we mostly gabbed for the two hours, while I worked on the second sock. I really enjoy working with this instructor, she is so cool!! She is super knitty knowledgeable, has an infinite amount of patience, and just fun to hang out with! You know, the kind of person that every knitter wants to knit with.

Speaking of the Bitchener stitch, it really was no big deal. Though I only closed up a total of eight stitches (four on each needle) so I didn’t really get to do whole lot of Bitchener stitch, but I think I’ve got it down.

So this morning, I was feverishly finishing up the second sock! I was so excited to be almost done with my very first pair of socks, that I completely forgot to switch colors and do the second toe in pink! Overall, the socks have a few wonky parts to them, the heels have more pink than I wanted (I wasn’t sure how soon to start color changes, not completely knowing where along the heel I was, as I was knitting), and the toes are pointier than I like… BUT, they will forever be my very first pair of socks, and I LOVE them!! xoxoxo

I have also come along with the my-so-called-scarf. I switched to #15’s, MUCH MUCH better!!! I truly believe that this yarn was specifically created for this stitch pattern, it’s so perfect, and looks so friggin cool!!!! I have run into a couple of “snags” while working on this scarf. Saturday night I was knitting, talking with a friend, and watching a live performer at Julie’s… I passed a slipped stitch over w/out knitting into it!!!! ACK. I didn’t notice until I got to the end of the row & only had 19 stitches!! I have NO problems UN-knitting, or tinking, when it’s stockinette stitch, a k2tog, ONE slipped stitch… But this thing…. Aye carumba!! Tinking this was a major bitch. I dumb lucked my way through it the first time. Tonight, I screwed up on the purl side! I forgot to purl into the first purl after P2tog!!! I struggled with it… couldn’t figure it out. I faked it, and added a stitch. You can KIND OF see it; luckily this stitch pattern is soo crazy looking that it is virtually impossible for the human eye to stay still in one spot for very long!
I guess that I need to learn how to unknit psso’s & all of that stuff that is easy to do, but not Undo!!! UGH!


  1. The socks look awesome! Don't obsess about your mistake in the scarf, trust me, no one will notice unless you point it out!

  2. love the socks! way to go...and I cant believe no on showed up to the rest of the class

  3. The scarf is looking good! Don't worry about the mistake - it is just your creative flair! The socks a great - again, one pink toe? "creative flair" strikes again!

  4. I really am gonna have to make me some sociks.... lol

    I end up frogging a couple of rows rather than tinking sometimes - seems like that's easier for me (you can run yarn in and out through a row to hold them and frog back to that point)... Anyhow, that's what I do. But, I've spent some time tinking on my sweater today so - have you noticed I'm rambling? I'll go now.