Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rosco, Rosco, Rosco....a.k.a. Professor Stinky Bottom

Rosco, named for Rosco P. Coltrane (and yes, I'm seriously thinking about getting him a basset hound named Flash), is 5 years old, going on 2 1/2. He is an Abyssinian mutt, or an Abby Tabby. When he was a kitten he had stripes like a normal tabbycat. As he grew up, & his ass got big & fat the stripes stretched out into spots, like a leopard. He still has some stripes... in spots. hehe He is the Bad-luck Schleprock of felines! When he was about 6 months old he was sniffing around this Mexican pottery jug thingy (ya know a really narrow neck that bulbs out into a huge... well, bulbous thingy). I kept shooing him away from it, put bitter apple on it & everything. Sure enough, one day I hear this crazy suction sound, and then here comes Rosco running laps around the house with a big blue jug stuck on his head! He finally ran into the wall & busted the jug, but the neck of the jug was still around his neck. It made his neck very long, like a beautiful African woman. The emergency vet hospital was laughing while they took pictures of him. And that was the beginning of many hospital trips for Rosco!

Now down to his stats:
He is a Pisces, which is a water sign, hmmm... yeah that fits. Rosco enjoys sitting in the tub immediately after someone has showered (he likes to wait for the drips & try to catch them, sometimes jamming his entire paw all the way up into the faucet, I smell emergency vet bills AGAIN). He is an avid bird watcher, & also enjoys bird calling (he coos & warbles like a dove & his whiskers vibrate at impressive speeds ). His other hobbies are chewing with his mouth open while walking through the house, whipping his head around to see who is coming down the stairs, while eating & spraying food up to 5 feet away, playing peek-a-boo, delivering his toys to your lap, or in bed while you are still sleeping (a subtle clue that he wants to play), & then of course... Zealously grooming Otis' posterior side (ewwww tossed cat salad!, it's like kitty prison). But, I love my big gay cats!
And finally Rosco has a serious fetish for grooming human hair, he will lick you bald if you let him! He sits on the couch behind you, and begins by gently head butting you & rubbing his face in your hair, then he starts to get a little rough. Eventually he winds himself into a frenzy, licking & chewing your hair, then he inevitably starts to bite your scalp, not very hard... but it flippin hurts! On his super perky days he will grab you around your neck & hold your head still. My fave is when he grooms someone with long hair, he will poke his head out through their hair & look like he is wearing a long wig.
In a nut shell, Rosco is a sassy, spazzy, clumsy drama queen. He is very talkative, mostly whiney, and always tries to get the last meow in! I suspect that someday he will own his own hair salon in the Castro... sashaying about, attending to his clients beauty needs & ummm... possibly more.

Tomorrow I will introduce one Cool Cat, the sexiest, he's a real Tiger! RRROAR! :')

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  1. Lady, you are seriously funny....I'm gafawing over here...for real. More tomorrow? I just can't wait! ;)