Monday, April 4, 2011

1300 Things: Week 14

327.  Cocktails with friends.
328.  Cassis flavored French macaroons.
329.  Delivering a wholesale order.
330.  Cadbury Creme Eggs.
331.  This vintage brooch necklace by Etsy shop Sora Designs::

332.  The sound that emptying the trash bin on my MacBook Pro makes.
333.  Paying a much larger Etsy bill than I am accustomed to... because it contained transaction fees                & not just listing fees.
334.  One pint of ice cream + two spoons + silly movie + two cuddly people.
335.  The smell of coconut scented hair/skin products.
336.  My vintage globes (pictured below).
337.  The feeling of sunshine on my bare feet::


338.  A sunny walk in the Mission district of SF.
339.  A burger with Swiss cheese & mushrooms.
340.  Frings (the combo of french fries & onion rings served together). 
341.  Driving over the Bay Bridge.
342.  Meeting new art/craft minded people.
343.  Exciting possibilities w/ the Etsy I Heart Art Project. 
344.  New products to be listed:: 
345.  The feeling of squishing my fingers through warm clean potting soil when repotting my plants.
346.  The feeling of the sun kissing my face.
347.  Knowing that a sun kissed face will result in more freckles on my nose! 
348.  Holding Hands.
349.  Sharing my first vlog
350.  This week's Rosco Poses::

Thank you all for reading this weekly feature & leaving such inspiring comments!
What are YOU grateful for right this very minute? 

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