Monday, April 11, 2011

1300 Things: Week 15

351.  Reaching 20 Etsy Sales! (little milestone. GIANT feeling.)  
352.  The smiling postal worker at my post office.
353.  Cat whiskers.
354.  A 'catching up w/ a dear friend' phone call.
355.  Really awesome customer feedback that made my face & my heart smile!
356.  A new button/badge for this weekly feature::

still laying out where this will live

357.  Sunny lunch on the patio. 
358.  Getting caught up w/ my Bloglovin feed. 
359.  Grilled cheese sandwiches. 
360.  My Kodak ESP 7250 printer.
361.  My favorite yellow ruffled top & good hair days:

362.  Taking a deep breath & stepping off the edge to find out I really can fly.
363.  Chocolate Malt Balls. 
364.  Realizing that my opinion really does matter.
365.  25% off everything on
366.  Movie nights on the couch w/ a snuggly boy & a snuggly cat. 
367.  The words:: "I'll do the dishes while you make robots".
368.  Being chosen to Co-Chair, Etsy sponsored, I Heart Art SF (which includes all of SF Bay Area)::

We are still designing & setting up everything but check us out: blog / facebook / twitter
369.  DMV business done in 32 minutes. 
370.  Discovering that I mysteriously paid a parking ticket twice & have monies coming back to me. 
371.  TONS of free Music downloads from an awesome friend. 
372.  Flowers a blooming. 
373.  Vacuuming behind the sofa & finding all kinds of loot.
374.  Brightly colored paper. (duh)
375.  This super amazing video via muffpunch's tumblr::

Watch this entire video... you'll be happy that you did!  My fave part is from 3:30 to the end.

Thank you all for reading this weekly feature & leaving such inspiring comments!
What are YOU grateful for right this very minute? 

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