Thursday, April 21, 2011

On My Mind...

I enjoyed writing the "On My Mind..." post last week, so here is another one for you.

1.  This awesome illustration, Super Pig by San Francisco artist 
and SF Etsy Street Team member, drywell.  
Gee Whiz... My kitchen needs some art.

2.  Why do cats insist upon running all over the house whilst horfing up hairballs? I mean... come on Dude just stay put, and preferably take that action onto the kitchen or bathroom floor... and not on the couch or rugs.  Do dogs do this too? Do dogs get hairballs? 

3.  I love repotting my houseplants. I love the feeling of clean soil all over my hands.

4.  One surefire way to make something sound old is to refer to it as "Newfangled".  As in... 
"How very nice that you have one of those newfangled  iPad 2's." 
You may as well be wearing dungarees as you say it. 

5.  I have a massive crush on this photo from the raw judita website. Just look at that photo! 
My entire body feels yummy and amazing just reading this website.  
Although I don't foresee a completely raw diet in my immediate future,  I do want to institute some clean food practices into my regular way of eating.  I was gluten free for almost a year and I felt awesome! 
I totally believe that our bodies (and minds) contain everything that we need to heal ourselves... all that we need is clean food, a positive mindset, and some movin and groovin (exercise). I also believe that when prepared the right way... super healthy food can be totally orgasmic to your taste-buds.

I have been gearing up to do a detox/cleanse again. (let's not bring up last weekend's berry pie or the above pictured pork illustration that I so highly covet for my kitchen walls)  I will eat what most would consider a pretty strict diet for about a month. I am sure that I will be talking about it here as I go along.  

6.  Kale chips.  I have always enjoyed munching on them, but as of late, I am all about making them at home. My fave recipe so far is for the Sea Salt & Vinegar variety, thy are just as yummy as salt & vinegar potato chips. Next on my list are kale chips with toasted sesame oil and gluten free soy sauce. 
Do you have a favorite kale chip recipe?

What random thoughts are on your mind today?


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