Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rosco's First Guest Blogging Adventure

Last week one of my new Twitter pals, Nicole {@lovelygirl}, asked if I would consider doing a guest post for her blog.  She also asked one of my favorite longtime Twitter pals Samantha {@SSVintage}.  We wondered that to write about.  We quickly settled on the topic of cats.  Mine would be from a West Coast perspective, and Samantha's would be East Coast.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed as the weekend approached so I asked Rosco to please write the post. After all, it was going to be about him.  He obliged, but strayed from the West Coast perspective that was originally planned. Cats... there just ain't no telling 'em what to do.

Head on over to Nicole's blog, The Assorted Thoughts of a Scatter-Brain to read Mister Coltrane's very first guest post. There are a couple of photos... and frankly more writing than we thought he could muster on a lazy holiday weekend.  And be sure to tune in later today for Samantha's post on her amazing feline menagerie.  (and check out Samantha's pretty blog)

{ composed with my New Fave iPhone Photo App, PhotoShake }

What are you guys up to on this Chocolatey Holiday weekend?


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