Tuesday, April 26, 2011

See Spots Sew Spots

As the sun comes back out to play I have warm weather clothes on my mind... 
My brain begins at shorter skirts with a certain dash of flounce and flow, then it zigs and zags on over to romper style dresses with big big patch pockets... Next I can hear my bank account chuckle heartily. But then... I recall that in addition to hoarding yarn and vintage buttons, I have an embarrassing amount of fabric for a girl who spends 60% of her life sewing paper. 

I started excavating the fabric buried in wardrobe bins under my bed.  I haven't purchased fabric in at least 5 years, if not longer.  I haven't thoroughly looked through my fabric collection anytime recently. I know... lame. But I have tons of it, and I am planning to use it to make some seasonally delicious duds to wear.  So back to the excavation...  Holy 101 Dalmatians Batman! I have a reedonk amount of polka dotted fabric. The photos below are just a very few of the polka dots that currently live neatly folded in bins beneath my bed.    

polka dot parade

I will be employing begging for the assistance of the enormously talented seamstress, Honey Cooler Handmade, to get me comfortably up to speed with the long abandoned craft of sewing fabric again.  My history with sewing garments is limited to simple wrap skirts and pajama pants.  Anything with a zipper, dart, pleat, sleeve, or gathered elastic will send me screaming into the night. 

really... how much polk dot can one girl's wardrobe get away with? 

Other patterns that I obsess over::  houndstooth, skinny stripes, gingham, & most plaids

Is there a specific pattern that has seen more than it's fair share of your closet space? Perhaps a certain color is stealing your fashion show? 


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