Friday, April 29, 2011

On My Mind...

Happy Friday to everyone! My mind is jam packed full of lots of different stuff right now... these are some of the prettier /funnier / more interesting things ::

1.  Buttons, Banners, Badges...  I have been knee deep in making some new shop/blog badges to be used for various purposes... including the sponsoring of other rad blogs. 
And I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself. 

2. Pretty much everything from the awesome Etsy shop, Robin & Mould!  
But right now I am crushing on these guys: 
{ the etsy shop }

3.  Road tripping.  I  love driving...  getting in the car, turning up the music, and just going. When the weather starts warming and drying, as it is now, I get antsy to take the roof off of my little convertible  and take a long drive in the sun, working on my freckle collection, not to mention my windblown big hair. Now if we can just do something about these ridiculous gas prices  

4.  How much I loved crafting as a child.  I had my teeny little hands into everything that could be cut, glued, painted, folded, stitched, sketched, etched, embossed, decoupaged, and so on.
The awesome Cathy Callahan from Cathy of California has written a book (releasing next week) all about the groovy crafts that I grew up with.  It looks amazing AND... it's endorsed by Amy Sedaris. 

{ source }

5.  People who smoke cigarettes and hold their smoking ciggy at arms length out the car window so that the smoke wafts into my car, and I am thinking... "Yeah it IS pretty stinky, I can see why you'd want it as far away from you as possible."  I totally respect a smokers right to smoke. And I don't intend to judge them for it. I just really don't wanna inhale it.

6.  The best furry nursemaid that a sick girl could ever ask for::

Nurse Rosco

What's on your mind today? 


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