Monday, June 27, 2011

1300 Things: Week 26

625.  Reuniting with old friends after 10 years. 
626.  Meeting awesome new friends. 
627.  Talking w/ Kathy from Princess Animal about plans for upcoming awesome events. 
628.  A sunny drive over the bridge.  
629.  An upbeat friendly toll booth operator at Bay Bridge. Rarely happens. 
630.  The cool shelving built special for me for the craft show.   
631.  My Hunky craft show helper. Super helpful and motivating. 
632.  The gift of laughter & awesome handmade gifties from Miss Zelma Rose
633.  Parking directly across the street from the venue in an area not typically easy to park in at all. 
634.  The feeling of cool wind on my face after being in a dank room for hours.       
635.  Japanese fabric w/ reedonk cute zoo animals.           
636.   My wonderfully wonky handmade banner (excuse the horrible photo):

637.  My love to organize translating into quick set up & break down of my craft show display. 
638.  Watermelon agua fresca.             
639.  Having a good hair day when you are in the public eye all day.  
640.   Lazy night of pizza, beer, and movies. 
641.  Hearing the words, "you haven't changed a bit in 20 years".  
642.  Cool old buildings in my neighborhood:: 

643.  Peppermint tea.          
644.  Positive feedback about my work. 
645.  Being reunited with an old painting that I haven't seen in eons.
646.  Louis the alligator. 
647.  Crafty trades.       
648.  Crunchy crispy juicy apples. 
649.  Biutiful w/ Javier Bardem. 

What are you grateful for right now this very minute? 


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