Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Days

It hasn't been a very bloggy week for me. Had a visit from the Flu-Bug-Fairy. And she wasn't a very nice guest. In fact, she gave me a pretty bad headache all week. But the awesome news is that I am feeling much better now. My flu addled brain hasn't much of an attention span beyond making pretty photo collages with the photos on my phone. So here is a quickie post about the iPhone app that I used... and of course the pretty photo collages.

In between power naps & marathon bouts of rocking back and forth while holding my knees up to my aching tummy I have been playing with my seemingly bottomless bag of photo apps on my iPhone The newest one to my phone is called PicFrame. Much like the Diptic app, PicFrame allows you to make photo collages with images that are stored on your phone. PicFrame however allows you to adjust the corners to different degree of roundy-ness. And as you may have noticed... I am often a fool for a photo with a rounded corner. I attribute it to having grown up in the 70's when photos came back from the Photo-Hut with rounded corners.

Speaking of iPhone photo apps... I am super excited about a post that I have been meaning to write up for a couple of months now and haven't gotten around to it. This Tuesday I will post about a photo app that has been very instrumental in the marketing of my Etsy shop and of this blog.

What about you... What are some of your favorite things to do when you are sick?



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