Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Busy Bee Be Me

Here is just one of the many things that is keeping me from being able to write up all of the fabulous blog posts that I have been dreaming up for you guys this week. I am most excited to share with you some tips about marketing and promoting your blogs and Etsy shops. So stay tuned for that next week, and please enjoy pretty pictures posts for now. 

This is one of the pillow styles that I will be debuting at the Hecho Local Market this Sunday. I am particularly proud of the labels, also handmade by me. I will share a photo tomorrow of the other styles that I have coming up. & Yes, they will be coming to my Etsy shop as well.

If you are a Bay Area local I will be looking for you on Sunday at the handmade market. If you aren't Bay Area bound... then be sure to shop handmade wherever you are this weekend! 



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